Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer-Zara clash again for Nikaah Halala case verdict

Ishq SubhanAllah Another shocker for Kabeer-Zara

Zara loses the Nikaah Halala case. Zara wanted to get justice for Abida. She was hoping that Abida will reveal the tortures done by her husband. When Abida lies about Wasim in front of the Shariah board, Zara fails to prove her point. Abida gives the statement in favor of Wasim. Zara didn’t expect Abida to change her statement this way. Kabeer and Zara’s dad takes the decision in favor of Wasim. Kabeer asks Zara not to worry, even if they lost the hope, she can still make a last try. She tells him that she has come to give her resignation. She apologizes for coming late. She wants to present her stand with the solid evidence.

Kabeer explains her that Wasim is wrong, it doesn’t mean that all the Muslims take wrong advantage of Nikaah Halala, which is made for the rights of women.

Kabeer justifies that Nikaah Halala is the custom which is set by scholars to protect relationships, so that men think ten times before divorcing their wives, since divorce is a bad thing and men should very well remember the consequences of divorcing wives in their anger or madness, the laws are still in practice as people isn’t complaining about it. He says just few people use such customs, but not everyone do the same, the bigger percentage respects such things by showing belief in their relationships and traditions.

He doesn’t know how to explain Zara. He shows her the facts and evidences. He tells Zara that even if Abida was pressurized for this, Abida has changed her word now. He begs to Zara not to spoil their relation. He feels strange that Zara doesn’t want to accept failure. Kabeer asks Zara to let things happen as destined. He gets enraged, as matter gets worse between him and Zara all the time. Zara tries hard and gets close to win the case.


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