Udaan: Anjor’s wish to stun Gumaan and Imli

Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj

Anjor bravely exposes Gumaan and his bandhuagiri move in front of the school authorities and media. The media believes the girl finding her too innocent to lie. They get confronting Gumaan for following the worst customs of bandhuagiri when times have changed. Gumaan gets speechless. He doesn’t understand what to answer them. Imli comes to his rescue and lies to the media that Gumaan was just testing Anjor, to see her loyalty and determination. She tells them that Gumaan is a good-hearted man who can never hurt children. She asks Anjor to believe her. She offers much help to Anjor and asks her to make any hearty wish she wants, which will be granted by Gumaan.

Anjor makes a wish to Imli. She smartly asks for her rights to study in the school, so that she can get the power of education in her hands. Anjor’s wish stuns Gumaan and Imli. Imli manages the matter and promises Anjor that she will be allowed to study in the district school. Gumaan gets unhappy with the changes brought by Anjor. He can’t accept his defeat to a little girl. Imli and Gumaan bite the dust by Anjor’s hands. Anjor resembles Chakor, and reminds both of them of Chakor’s high spirits and bravery.


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