High points in Ishqbaaz, Yeh Rishta and Krishna Chali London

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Shivay begs to Nikhil and his mother to accept Anika back. He really regrets for ruining Anika’s dreams, hopes, marriage, life and happiness. He asks Nikhil to understand Anika’s honesty and accept her. He tells them that he can guarantee Anika’s good conduct. He manages to convince Nikhil’s mother. Anika doesn’t want Nikhil in her life again, as she has developed feelings for Shivay. She mends herself with the situation. She feels like Shivay is deciding for her life. When Shivay gets Nikhil and his mother to her house with marriage shagun, Anika stops Shivay and asks him if he is deciding for her life after divorcing her. She reminds him that he has told her to take her life’s decisions on her own.

She asks him to just advise her what to do for her future relationship, will it be right if she married Nikhil, or she should let love come her way. She asks Shivay to decide everything if he wants. Shivay turns speechless. He then gives her the right to decide for her marriage. Anika wants to express that she wants to keep her marriage with Shivay.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Dadi gets remorseful with Kartik and Naira’s argument happening in front of the entire families. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to become any reason for any sorrow. She understands that Kartik won’t be happy without Naira. Rukmani’s move to pick the cash becomes a big reason for Kartik and Naira’s argument. Dadi asks them not to defame their families by their divorce. She gives the final decision on them. They don’t think for the families, being occupied in anger and ego. Kartik and Naira leave from home along with the lawyers to sign the divorce papers, where in their love journey starts rolling in their minds and brings tears in their eyes. Dadi cries seeing all the hopes ending.

Krishna Chali London:
Dubey gets instigated by Prashant to get Krishna and Radhe divorce. Dubey thinks of the dire consequences and gets scared for Krishna’s life. He doesn’t want Shukla to kill Krishna in his madness. He gets the divorce papers prepared and leaves for Kanpur to meet Shukla family. Dubey meets Krishna and hands over the divorce papers to her, asking her to sign on it and get her freedom back. Krishna doesn’t understand the reason for his sudden move. Radhe asks Dubey not to separate him from Krishna and give him one chance. Shukla asks Radhe not to beg Dubey. He insults Dubey, who in turn insults him. Shukla and Dubey have a huge row. Krishna refuses to divorce Radhe.

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