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Know Upcoming On Star… Ishqbaaz: Nikhil’s mum asks Shivay to marry Anika if he likes her so much and believes in her honesty. She asks Nikhil not to fall in Anika’s trap again Shivay and Anika’s terms get spoiled by Nikhil’s matter. Omkara and Gauri realize that Shivay’s move has ruined their efforts. Shivay gets mindful about his next move. He tries to rectify his mistakes. He meets Nikhil’s mum to convince her about accepting Anika. He clears to her that Nikhil still likes Anika and wants to marry. He requests them not to punish Nikhil. She asks him why is he so concerned for Nikhil’s marriage. She then expresses to him that she can’t arrange money for the marriage, after that humiliating event in the marriage function.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira convince Mansi and get her back to the mandap, where Mansi and Anmol start off with their marriage rituals. Kartik and Naira recollect their marriage during the rituals. Naira sings an emotional love song on Rukmani’s insistence. Kartik and Naira dream of uniting. They marry in their imaginative world, free of fights and annoyances. Kartik too gets emotional hearing Naira’s love expression. Rukmani informs the jeweller that she has arranged the money. She asks him to come home and collect the money. Mansi and Anmol prepare for the wedding rounds. The marriage goes on. Lav and Kush tell the elders that Rukmani has taken the money from Shagun. Dadi doesn’t know why Rukmani has stolen the money. Suwarna tells Dadi that she has also spotted Rukmani. Surekha asks them not to create any drama, as its not important that Mansi’s happiness.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar tells Lalwani that he won’t let Amyra sing at this age. Lalwani asks him to decide being Amyra’s father. Amyra meets Tevar. They both get sad and share their problems. Amyra tells him that Lovely has changed, she didn’t listen to her, she isn’t cool now. Tevar’s mood gets better on hearing her. He laughs and lightens her mood by asking her to obey Lovely. He wonders if Lovely lied to him about Amyra and if Amyra is really his daughter. Lovely asks Sikandar to sing with Amyra. Sikandar tells her that he won’t discuss this again, Amyra can’t cheat people by stealing someone’s voice. He wants to do justice with Kulfi. He tells Lovely that he wants to find Kulfi’s father first.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

There is another kidnapping track. Raman and Ishita go along with Simmi to the police station and defend Simmi so that she doesn’t get arrested. They ask inspector to make Simmi a government witness against Parmeet and skip the punishment. Inspector apologizes to them and tells them that Simmi will be arrested for the crimes. Raman arranges bail for Simmi, and stops her arrest. He asks inspector to arrest Parmeet, since he is a threat for entire Bhalla family. Pihu likes spending time with her friends in the camp. Parmeet decides to kidnap Pihu and get back to Simmi, Raman and Ishita. Pihu senses someone around and look if there is anyone. Raman and Ishita’s goodness gets seen by Simmi, who feels ashamed of her crimes.

Mayavi Maling:

Pranali tries hard to expose the fake Queen Pranali. She tries all the methods as read in the book. She wants Angad to see his wife’s truth. Angad gets surprised when he suspects some enemy around. Pranali hides from Angad. He assures his wife that their enemies won’t be able to reach them. He vows to protect her. His wife confronts Pranali for trying to expose her. Pranali leaves from Angad’s sight to get saved. She attempts to scare Angad’s wife by the fire. Angad misses to see his wife’s truth once again. She manages to cure herself from the fire effects. She uses her magical powers and gets saved. She tells Angad about the attacker, who is constantly around.

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