Silsila: Kunal to break Nandini’s awkward feelings

Silsila spoilers

The family gets emotional for Kunal knowing he has nearly faced death. They get happy that Kunal has returned home safely. They ask Kunal why did he leave the house in such a weather, when they were stopping him. He couldn’t say that he was trying to avoid Nandini’s awkwardness. Kunal and Nandini have realized their feelings. He has known her feelings after she confesses love to him. Nandini also realizes his love after meeting his eyes, which expresses his suppressed feelings. They both have a moment, which breaks by Mauli. Mauli expresses her love for Kunal. Everyone connects with Mauli’s emotions and blesses her to always live as a Suhaagan. Kunal feels guilty. Nandini gets cornered.

Kunal tells his family that he was really in a dangerous situation, but now he is back, they should be happy. He relieves their stress. He sees Nandini and tries to talk to her. He wants to ask her why did she hug him, why did she cry for him and showed her emotions of love for him.

Kunal recollects Nandini’s love confession. It was a big moment for Kunal and Nandini. He has many questions going on in his mind. He deals with the plethora of emotional confusion. Nandini gets speechless. She doesn’t know what to answer him. He understands her love, but doesn’t want to acknowledge it. Kunal asks Mauli and Nandini if they will make something, he is really hungry and wants food. He wants Nandini to make food for him, and sends her to the kitchen, finding her feeling lonely and upset in between his family. Nandini understands that Kunal is trying to lessen their odd feelings.

Nandini gets scared that her truth will be known to Mauli, when a neighbor lady comes home and tells Mauli about spotting a woman with Kunal. She says its clearly seen in the news as well, the woman wearing a saree was hugging Kunal after the incident.

Mauli thinks the neighbor is concerned for her. She takes her words light. She tells the neighbor that she doesn’t wear traditional attires. She doesn’t think that Nandini is the one who went at the accident site and hugged Kunal. Mauli feels Kunal is behaving weird. She doesn’t know what stress is he taking that he is missing to enjoy their family life. She doesn’t think anything negative. She has no idea that Kunal is battling with his feelings for Nandini. Both Kunal and Nandini get on toes when the neighbor insists Mauli to check the news segment and know the truth. Kunal doesn’t want Maui to know anything and stops her from checking any news. Mauli tells him that she believes him a lot and nobody can shake her belief on her marriage. Kunal and Nandini regret for their feelings.

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