Ishqbaaz: Nikhil to make a shocking partnership

Ishqbaaz spoilers

In Ishqbaaz, Anika gets questioned about her Sindoor. Anika tells everyone that she has applied it by her belief. Omkara wants to tell them that Anika and Shivay are already married. Gauri asks him not to go against Shivay’s wish, even Anika has left the decision on destiny. He hopes that destiny decides for them and unites them. Nikhil gets Anika and Shivay’s marriage video and reacts angrily. He gets yelling at Anika and takes her for a personal talk, while stopping all the marriage functions. He questions Anika about her marriage with Shivay. Anika tells him that she wanted to tell him the truth. Shivay apologizes to Nikhil and tells him that it was just his angry move, Anika wasn’t happy during the marriage, she was compelled to marry because of him.

Nikhil gets angry on Shivay for marrying Anika and now making her marry him. Shivay tells Nikhil that they have started the divorce proceedings. He states that there is nothing between Anika and him. Anika reminds Nikhil his mistake. She asks him not to go ahead with the marriage if he can’t trust her. She tells him that Shivay has told the entire truth now and its upto Nikhil to decide now. Nikhil tells her that he trusts her, but his family can’t understand this complicated question. Shivay assures that his family won’t be knowing about it. He gets curious to know who has sent the video to him. He learns that Tyagi has sent the video to Nikhil. He goes to confront Tyagi about the video. He gets angry when Tyagi threatens him about ruining his reputation. Shivay pays the money to Tyagi and asks him not to leak about his marriage, which can break Anika’s happiness.

Shivay feels sorry that he has made Anika upset again. He reaches her with an apology. She asks him not to blame himself, as she believes that he can solve any problem. She thanks him for doing so much for her. She shows her trust in him. She asks him what does he want in his life. He tells her that he wants Anika’s happiness. She asks him if he is sure that she can be happy with Nikhil. He thinks she will be happy with Nikhil, whom she loves. He calls it destiny that he has lost his love. Anika and Shivay have a moment. She waits for the moment when Shivay realizes his love. Tyagi meets Daksh and tells him how he has blackmailed Shivay. Daksh plans to ruin Shivay. Nikhil joins Daksh and Tyagi. Nikhil is also after Shivay’s money. Nikhil tells Daksh that he also wants to trouble Shivay and Anika. The evil trio get revengeful against Shivika.

Shivay does arrangements for the marriage. Gauri hands over the mangalsutra selected by Anika to Shivay. Shivay makes sure that pandit does the puja and makes the mangalsutra auspicious. Shivay gets to see the same mangalsutra which he has made Anika wear at the time of their forced marriage. He doesn’t want the old one and gets its replaced. Anika stops Shivay from swapping the mangalsutra. Shivay stops Anika and confronts her for keeping the old mangalsutra. Anika gets angry and tells him that she will decide everything for her marriage.

Shivay doesn’t understand why Anika is keeping their marriage sign if she is moving on. He asks Anika to move on with Nikhil, as this is her destiny. Anika rebels and shows her anger to him for the first time. Shivay gets to see her new side. Nikhil asks Daksh for his share. Daksh tells him that they will get more money by blackmailing Shivay. He asks Nikhil to marry Anika, so that they can take advantage of Shivay’s weakness. Shivay and Anika have a moment. He asks her to sign the divorce papers. She doesn’t want Shivay to pressurize her for divorce.

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