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TR’s Quick Reads… Roop:
Roop is working hard on Shamsher’s orders. Shamsher gives fitness training to Roop and Ranvir. He makes the boys race and defeat each other. Ranvir is always ahead of Roop. Shamsher wants Roop to become a police officer like him. He wants Roop to defeat Ranvir in the race. Ranvir also wants to become a cop and impress Shamsher. He wants more importance in the family. Shamsher wants his son to make him proud. He doesn’t want Roop to follow his mother and sisters. He is fed up with Roop’s different mindset. Roop is doing everything to keep Shamsher’s heart. He wants to do whatever he likes. Ranvir still wants revenge from Roop. He is looking for a fight so that he makes Roop bite the dust. Roop and Ranvir have much tashan between them. Shamsher gets impressed with Ranvir, and wants Roop to become macho and strong like Ranvir. Elsewhere, Ishika collides with Roop and falls down her scooty. They get into an argument. Roop apologizes to her and buys some vegetables once again. Ishika pays for his loss. She gets happy and finds him cute.


Anjor tries to meet Imli at the haveli and ask about school admission. Gumaan stops Anjor and scolds her. He doesn’t want to fulfill her wish. He knows Imli has just promised Anjor to end people’s doubts on him. Anjor gets insulted by Gumaan and his guards. Gumaan asks Anjor to leave. She tells Gumaan that Imli is really good, she will really help her. Guard laughs on Anjor’s dreams. Anjor hides from the guards and gets under a stall to enter the haveli. She gets into a fight with Gumaan’s son Rohan.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Mauli will soon learn that she can’t conceive. This truth will come as a big shocker for Kunal and Nandini. Mauli will suggest Nandini to become her surrogate, and complete her family.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja loses her memory. She lives with her family. Satish finds an alliance for Pooja. Satish doesn’t want Pooja to remember the bad past and move on. Pooja acts bubbly and young. She goes to her dance classes like she used to attend five years ago. Pooja doesn’t remember Naren. Satish feels Pooja has suffered a lot with Naren. Naren’s family meet Pooja and support Satish for her marriage with Arjun. Everyone assumes that Naren is dead, and Pooja should get remarried. Rahul and Surbhi meet Pooja and her family, and stop Pooja’s remarriage. Rahul has become Pooja’s well-wisher. He proves the alliance harmful for Pooja.

Jiji Maa:

There will be big twist when Falguni receives a sign of Uttara’s deceive. She suspects Uttara’s foul play. She finds a boy who comes in Krishna’s avatar. The boy takes her Rudraksh beads and runs away. Falguni follows the boy. The boy’s mother apologizes to Falguni and tells her that the boy is playing Krishna’s role in a film, but he is really mischievous. She tells about the film shooting going on. Falguni forgives the boy. She gets stunned seeing Shreya as the film’s actress. She recollects Shreya and her death. She tries to meet Shreya to confront her, but fails.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira ploys to ruin Vijay’s family. Vijay doesn’t know how to handle this humiliation. The neighbor women catch Sadhna and Vasu and get angry on them. They tie up Sadhna and Vasu to the tree and blacken their faces. Sadhna and Vasu get shattered. Mandira defeats Vijay and his family. She crosses all the limits, without thinking the worse consequences. Vasu feels guilty that her mother is also bearing this humiliation because of her. Vijay and Bulbul reach there to rescue them, and cry seeing their humiliation.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar gets drunk just before the concert. Kulfi worries that Sikandar can’t sing in that state. She prays that he gets fine and comes to normal state. Kulfi finds it a big task to make Sikandar sing at the concert and save his career. Kulfi doesn’t want Sikandar to sing in sorrow. Kulfi will sing with Sikandar to make his performance a hit.

Krishna Chali London:

The family gets worried when Radhe doesn’t come home on time at night. His mum gets crying for him when Matuk tells them that Radhe might have got kidnapped for any ransom, even Shukla is angry on Radhe and won’t pay any penny, we should better file the missing complaint. Gajanan and Triloki try to find Radhe. They come home and tell their mum that they didn’t find Radhe anywhere. Saajan also tells them that Radhe isn’t with him, he has no idea about Radhe. Matuk asks Shukla to file the police complaint, else Radhe may fall in deep trouble. He makes everyone more tensed. Krishna also worries for Radhe. Radhe gets drunk and comes home to vent out frustration in his family. He gets taunting and insulting everyone.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara have a heart to heart talk. They get a huge shock with Nilofer’s death. Zara gets blamed for the accident. Zara also feels guilty. Kabeer supports Zara. He tells her that he is with her, he will explain everyone that she is innocent. Zara tells him that she was so absorbed in Abida’s case, and didn’t care for Nilofer’s bad state. Zeenat accuses Zara for Nilofer’s death and shames her in the family. Kabeer becomes a shield for Zara. He tells her that its duty of every person to support the right person, Zara did right to run for justice for Abida, instead Nilofer, who was the target of someone else. Zara apologizes to Nilofer for not saving her life. Zara deals with her enemies. Zeenat hurts Zara’s sentiments. She wants Zara to get arrested.

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