Udaan: Anjor and Chakor’s bond to build up

Anjor meets Chakor

Imli plots against Chakor and doesn’t want her to return to Aazaadgunj. Imli doesn’t want to kill Anjor so that she can take advantage of her. She uses Anjor against Gumaan. Imli hates Anjor and Chakor. Anjor meets Imli to know about her school education. Imli sees Chakor’s defeat in her and gets glad. Imli lives with Gumaan only for the money which Suraj handed over to him before leaving Aazaadgunj. Imli wants to rule in the village like before and knows that Gumaan can help her out. Chakor gets convinced that she should go back to Aazaadgunj and help out people in need, so that no one’s dreams and expectations break.

Chakor gets nightmares about Saanvi when Anjor gets tortured. She talks to Saanvi and slips into her memories. Chakor feels a strong bond still existing with her daughter. She misses Saanvi. Kasturi asks Chakor to live her life and be happy.

Chakor feels she is living the best way possible, since she doesn’t want to reconcile with Suraj. She sheds tears for Saanvi. She refuses to get in contact with Suraj. She wants Suraj to come to her and apologize by regretting over his mistakes. She thinks her parents are getting troubled by her sorrowful life. She plans to normalize things for them. Chakor does the preparations for Janmashtami. Kasturi helps her out. She cheers Chakor and they together recollect their little Saanvi. Kasturi is happy that Chakor is attempting to move on in life by taking a decision to return to Aazaadgunj. Chakor and Kasturi do the puja together. Kasturi becomes Chakor’s support.


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