Krishna Chali London: Big family drama to claim over Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to protect Shukla and family

Shukla and his wife regret for sending Radhe away from them. Shukla doesn’t take the food and sleeps. He worries for Radhe but hides his concern. Radhe doesn’t want to talk to them, thinking nobody is missing him at him. Krishna blames herself for Radhe’s state. Bela and Triloki celebrate that Radhe and Krishna have got ousted from the home. Bela aims to teach a lesson to Shukla and his wife. She asks Triloki not to get Radhe come back home. She advises him to get the property papers signed by Shukla. Dubey and Bua tell Prashant that Krishna didn’t come back with them, she has refused for divorcing Radhe, she wants to reform them.

Prashant tells them that Krishna deserves a better life, she can’t stay with those illiterate people. Bua asks him not to go there. Prashant tells Dubey that he will talk to Krishna and convince her. Radhe tells Krishna that he is going to talk to his dad. Krishna also wants to accompany him.

Everyone worries seeing Shukla falling sick. The family wants Shukla to have food. Shukla takes a day off from work and stays in his zone. His wife understands his sorrow hidden behind his anger. Krishna learns that Prashant has gone to Shukla Nivaas. She tries to stop him from reaching Shukla. Radhe waits to meet Shukla, but gets insulted by Triloki. Gajanan asks Radhe to go home and meet Shukla.

He advises Radhe to keep some patience. Prashant barges into Shukla Nivas to meet Krishna. Bela creates a scene knowing Krishna’s boyfriend has come to meet her. Shukla’s wife gets angry on him for ruining her house. She demands him to leave. Shukla gets to see Prashant. He decides to talk to him. Krishna reaches there to stop Prashant. They get into a talk. Radhe bashes up Prashant in anger. Shukla and family see Radhe and Prashant’s fight happening for Krishna. Prashant orders Krishna to come with him, but she refuses. She tells Prashant that she is married to Radhe now, and has no connection with him. Shukla makes a new plan to fake a heart attack and get Radhe back home.


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