Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal and Mauli’s first-ever fight

Silsila: Mauli to face Kunal's rejection again

Everyone bids bye to Nandini. Everyone gets attached with Nandini. They didn’t like her initially and was opposing her stay in the family, but Nandini has won their hearts by her innocence and sincerity. They wish all the best to Nandini for her new journey. Nandini tells them that she is moving out, but she will come to meet them. Nandini gives a dinner treat to everyone at her home. Kunal avoids the dinner and informs Mauli that he is busy in work. Mauli doesn’t know his dilemma.

On returning home, Kunal gets busy in his work. Mauli calls him for lunch. She starts conversing about Nandini and her needs again. Kunal gets fed up hearing the same thing again and again in his house. Kunal and Mauli get into an argument. Kunal always stayed as her best friend. He gets upset with her. Their fight gets serious for the first time. The family worries seeing Kunal’s temper and asks him if everything is fine.

Mauli tells Kunal that she has set Nandini’s house completely, but she needs his help. He vents out anger on Mauli to cover up his frustration and dilemma over his love for Nandini. He tells Mauli that they can’t trust any stranger for the work, they should better bear the delay. Mauli wants Nandini to settle down. Kunal can’t stop Mauli and Nandini from their decisions. He hurts Mauli’s sentiments by his bitter statements. She explains him to calm his anger. Kunal doesn’t understand anything, as he is helpless by his heart. She asks him why is he taking it as a blame. He says you have taunted me, I can’t tolerate this. He leaves the lunch and goes for work. Mauli stays calm, having a belief that Kunal will end their fight on his own.

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