Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to plead Parmeet for a life

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi to plead Parmeet

Raman and Simmi beg Parmeet to leave Ishita and Pihu. While Raman and Parmeet get into a fight, Ishita gets free. She asks Simmi to take away Pihu, far from Parmeet’s reach. Simmi follows her orders and runs to save Pihu. Simmi realizes that the cars broke down. She runs away with Pihu to secure her from her mad husband. Ishita also gets hurt by Parmeet. Raman defends the attacks, but gets shot by Parmeet. Parmeet locks up in the godown and runs to catch up Simmi and Pihu to kill them. For the first time, Simmi puts all her efforts in saving Pihu. She falls in the huge pit and gets stuck inside a narrow cave. Simmi and Pihu get hurt in the dark cave. Parmeet tries to track them and kill.

He doesn’t want to spare them. Simmi and Pihu see through the fallen rocks and shout for help. They try to contact anyone. Pihu worries that they will be trapped forever. Simmi tells her that Raman and Ishita will be their saviors like always. Parmeet gets to hear Simmi’s call for help and laughs that Simmi fell inside the pit.

Simmi pleads to him for help. She asks him not to hurt Pihu. Raman and Ishita get stuck inside the godown and try to find a way out. Parmeet executes his next evil move and shuts the cave opening by a boulder, so that Raman and Ishita never reach Simmi and Pihu. Parmeet makes sure that Simmi never gets any help. He makes a leave from there. Raman and Ishita finally come out of the godown. They try to find Simmi and Pihu, and reach the pit, only to get a big shock. They learn that Simmi and Pihu got caught inside the impossible to rescue pit. How will they save Simmi and Pihu? Keep reading.

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