Silsila: Kunal hurts Mauli’s sentiments; Rajdeep returns

Silsila: Rajdeep's disguise, Mauli's denial and more...

Nandini settles in her new house. Rajdeep reaches her as an electrician. He prepares to attack her. The maid comes there. Rajdeep hides from them and runs away. He doesn’t want to get caught up. He has much revenge motives in his heart. Rajver gets stalking Nandini. He wants to find a chance to reach her and plan something terrible to teach her a lesson. Nandini misses to recognize him. On the other hand, Mauli tries to spark a relation between Kunal and her. She plans a romantic surprise for him.

Mauli dances for him. Kunal recollects Nandini constantly, and feels he is cheating Mauli. He can’t accept his feelings for Nandini, but ends up hurting Mauli’s feelings. He asks Mauli to stop wooing him and pushes her away. His shocking behavior makes Mauli cry. She didn’t expect Kunal to react this way.

Kunal later apologizes to Mauli. He says you should have not done all this. She asks him the reason for his denial. He knows she has put much efforts in setting up the beautiful decorations. He doesn’t acknowledge her love for the first time. He is in different zone. He doesn’t want to get separated from his wife. He wonders why did he talk all the rubbish things in front of Mauli. Mauli gets clued that something is wrong, Kunal is hiding his problems. She wants to know what’s bothering Kunal so much. Rajdeep will reveal the truth to Mauli about Kunal and Nandini’s growing fondness. How will Mauli react with Kunal and Nandini’s cheat? Keep reading.


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