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TR’s Quick Reads… Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan doesn’t want to go away from the house during his pre-wedding functions. Rangoli too suggests him not to come along for the recording. She then manipulates him so that she can go out of city with him. She shows that her career is also at stake because of Ahaan. Ahaan feels guilty that Rangoli is losing work because of her. Aparna keeps Pankti and Ahaan’s wedding rasam. Ahaan unwillingly leaves with Rangoli. He isn’t aware of Rangoli and Pankti’s challenge. Pankti tells Rangoli that she will marry Ahaan, since she has much belief in her love. She promises to defeat Rangoli and her wicked plannings.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi and Veer get to know the twisted matter of Kabir. Kabir and Veer get blaming each other. Kabir asks Sanchi to believe him, Veer is at fault. Veer’s innocence is known to Sanchi. She faces Kabir’s aggression. Veer sympathizes with Sanchi. Sanchi gets angry on Kabir. Sanchi decides to end her marriage with Kabir. She gets too upset when Kabir vents out anger on her. Sanchi tells Kabir that she won’t keep the relation with him, and now she will just focus on saving Veer and getting justice for Mishri. Kabir asks her if she is going back to Veer. She tells him that she doesn’t need any man in her life now, she will just be Sanchi Mishra and lead her life.

Mariam Khan Reporting LIVE:
Aayat troubles Mariam to the core. Majaaz fails to reach Mariam, but fails once again. He doesn’t reacnh the visa office, because of Aayat and Rifat. Majaaz doesn’t tell anyone about his accident. When Aayat asks him about his accident, he gets clued to know about her knowledge. Aayat acts clever and fools him once again. Majaaz has no idea that Aayat is cheating him by risking Mariam’s life. Mariam deals with her sorrow. She feels bad that Majaaz isn’t her biological father. She sheds tears in his memory.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira and Kartik feel sorry over their broken marriage. They get realizing their mistake that they have parted ways by acting immature and senseless because of their anger and ego. Naira feels she can’t go ahead in life without Kartik. She tries to control her mind from remembering Kartik. Kartik also gets expressive over his love for Naira in front of Suwarna for the first time. He realizes his huge mistake and gets regretting. He decides to talk out to Naira once.

Anika gets determined to explain Shivay that he also loves her and is not realizing his feelings for her. She doesn’t want him to get too late. She calls off her marriage with Nikhil. Omkara and Gauri join Anika and assist her in winning Shivay’s heart. Anika gets the signal from fate and realizes that she is meant for Shivay only. Nikhil gets enraged when Anika fails his plans of marriage. He wanted to loot Shivay after marrying Anika, knowing she has become Shivay’s weakness. Anika breaks out to Shivay that she can just be happy with him, not Nikhil. She asks him not to force her for marriage against her wish. Shivay leaves everything on fate, while Anika is sure that fate will soon give him a signal as well.


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