Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Kabeer’s emotional breakdown

Ishq SubhanAllah Another shocker for Kabeer-Zara

Zara makes prayers for her relationship and Kabeer’s welfare. She is leaving from Kabeer’s house for some days, so that Kabeer convinces his family about their relation. She worries seeing the family equations getting worse. She wants to sacrifice her love for the sake of love. She tells him that she wants to protect his family. Kabeer consoles him. She tells Kabeer that she has found only one solution for his problems. She asks him to divorce her. He feels she is emotionally broken down that she is giving up on their relation. He asks her how she can lose like this if she has fight for others’ relations.

He tells her that his wife can never lose this way, she can’t run away. He asks her not to end their relationship this way. He tells her that she should fight for love. He confesses love to her. He understands that she is taking this extreme step just because she isn’t seeing any other option. He hides his emotional sorrow so that Zara stays strong. He asks her not to say anything that hurts his heart. They have an emotional moment. He wishes that their breaking relations survives so strong that it doesn’t break ever.


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