Silsila: Nandini to battle with her emotional confusion

Silsila: Shocking twists lined up in Nandini's life

In Silsila, Nandini realizes her love for Kunal and also her friendship duties towards Mauli. Kunal confesses his love for Nandini. This brings a desire in Nandini to win his love. Mauli comes to meet Nandini and share her problems. She tells Nandini about Kunal’s indifference. She lightens her heart and shares her personal problems. Mauli makes a video call to Kunal and talks to him with love and concern. Nandini tries to get out of the video call frame. So that Kunal doesn’t feel awkward. Mauli tells him that she loves him a lot and is missing him a lot. Mauli finishes the call. She thanks Nandini for supporting her and listening to her problems. Nandini hides her emotions for Mauli’s sake. Mauli tells her that she acts strong in front of the family, but she also gets affected by things happening around her.

Nandini sees Mauli’s immense love for Kunal. After Mauli leaves, Nandini ponders over her life. She gets upset and finds it hard to choose either of Kunal and Nandini.

She gets in a dilemma over choosing Kunal’s love or Mauli’s friendship. She wants to be happy with Kunal as their love has turned mutual. She feels lucky to get Kunal’s love, but she doesn’t want to become a curse for Mauli. She doesn’t want to take any step towards Kunal’s love, since that will stain her friendship with Mauli. She fights with her inner dilemma. She can’t cheat Mauli and ruin her family. She counts Mauli’s favors on herself. She doesn’t want to be called the second woman in Kunal’s life. She gets confused because of her emotional burst out. She doesn’t know how to manage her emotions. Nandini has genuine concern for Mauli’s happiness and future. What decision will Nandini draw? Keep reading.

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