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TR’s Quick Reads… Jiji Maa: Falguni and Niyati celebrate Raksha Bandhan to bring some positivity and joyfulness in the house. A shocking news awaits them. Uttara runs away from the jail. Falguni and Suyash get the news from the jail. Falguni gets a big shock. She can’t believe that Uttara has escaped from prison. Suyash talks to inspector. He asks inspector to try to find Uttara. He gets ready to assist the police. Suyash tells the family about Uttara’s escape. Jayant apologizes to Suyash and regrets for his past. He repents to misunderstand Gayatri and send her to jail.

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:

Rajmata gets angered when she finds Saurabh enquiring about Kanchan and mocking her. She can’t tolerate his presence in her palace for long. She keeps numb because of Ananya. She wishes she could get justice for Kanchan by unmasking Saurabh’s evil face. On the other hand, Vishesh plans his return from Delhi. He seeks Kirti’s help to arrange a surprise for Kanchan. He wants to please Kanchan with a romantic date. Rajmata hides Saurabh’s truth from Vishesh, and fears that the truth will come out some day and ruin all relations.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and Bulbul decide to opt for surrogacy to get their child. He convinces his family to support Bulbul. He wants to get Bulbul out of her sorrow. Bulbul gets crazy to achieve motherhood. Vijay worries with her big expectations. Bulbul plans everything for the baby. He asks Bulbul to wait till they find the surrogate. Vijay and Bulbul find a woman in need, who agrees to become their surrogate. The woman comes to their house to stay with them. Vijay and Bulbul get done with the surrogacy process. Mandira has plotted to send the woman to their house, just to trick them, while she herself becomes the surrogate. She takes advantage of the situation and enters the family by replacing that woman. Mandira will bring big twists in Vijay and Bulbul’s lives.

Silsila: Nandini realizes her love for Kunal and also her friendship duties towards Mauli. Kunal confesses his love for Nandini. This brings a desire in Nandini to win his love. Mauli comes to meet Nandini and share her problems. She tells Nandini about Kunal’s indifference. She lightens her heart and shares her personal problems. Mauli makes a video call to Kunal and talks to him with love and concern. Nandini tries to get out of the video call frame. So that Kunal doesn’t feel awkward. Mauli tells him that she loves him a lot and is missing him a lot. Mauli finishes the call. She thanks Nandini for supporting her and listening to her problems. Nandini hides her emotions for Mauli’s sake. Mauli tells her that she acts strong in front of the family, but she also gets affected by things happening around her.

Tu Aashiqui:

Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage finally takes place. During the marriage rituals, the couple exchanges their love vows. Ahaan has no idea what happened the last night when he was with Rangoli at the hotel. Rangoli sends police at Ahaan’s house and stops the marriage. She gets Ahaan arrested for the rape attempt. This comes as a big shock for Ahaan, Pankti and their families. Ahaan pleads to the police that he is innocent, but police presents the evidences given by Rangoli, which clearly proves that Ahaan is the culprit. Pankti recollects Rangoli’s promise to snatch Ahaan from her, and fears of losing Ahaan forever. She realizes Rangoli has laid this trap for Ahaan. Rangoli keeps a condition to Pankti, to leave Ahaan if she wants his freedom from the dirty accusations.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam fails to connect to Majaaz, but manages to talk to her friends. She conveys to them about her bone marrow operation. Her friends apologize to Majaaz and tell them about Mariam’s message. They tell that Mariam sounded very upset and was crying because of the truth that Majaaz isn’t her real father. Majaaz and Madiha break down in tears when they learn that Aayat has told this bitter truth to Mariam. They find Mariam in pain and worry for her. Mariam undergoes the bone marrow operation and saves Jibraan’s life.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely proves to Tevar that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar will be learning a big truth. He gets Nimrat’s potli and doesn’t find anything identifiable. Lovely changes the entire truth in front of Sikandar. Sikandar holds on to his courage and weeps seeing the belongings of Nimrat. Kulfi begs him to tell him what’s inside the potli, did he find her father. He tells her that he didn’t find any truth, they have to believe Tevar. He says Tevar is really your dad. Kulfi tells him that she will believe this if he is saying it. Mohendar and Bebe get worried and stop Sikandar from sending Kulfi with Tevar.

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