Yeh Rishta: Karan’s revelation to bring big twists

Yeh Rishta: Karan's revelation to bring big twists

Karan meets Ashi in a rush and tells her that he has grown insecure after hearing a shocking thing about Kartik and her marriage. He doesn’t want to lose Ashi. She is also in love with him, and considers Kartik just a good friend. She doesn’t realize what meaning Suwarna derived from their friendship. Karan upsets the Goenkas by his presence. Karan apologizes to Ashi for this drama. He says I have heard Suwarna and your mom talking, I m not lying, you can ask Suwarna about it. Devyaani asks Suwarna to tell everyone that she was matching Kartik and Ashi’s kundlis during Mansi and Anmol’s Sangeet.

Manish also wants Suwarna to say the truth. Devyaani tells everyone that she was aware of this fact. Suwarna tells them that she couldn’t wait to see her son happy again, she wants Kartik to marry Ashi. Rajshri tells Suwarna that Naira isn’t wrong, Naira also took a decision in emotional state, then how did she become wrong. She compares Naira with Suwarna.

She asks Suwarna to understand the meaning of being a mother. She says if you have taken any decision in emotional state, you can’t be stated right, you can’t judge Naira all the time. Suwarna tells them that she has lost her son, she can’t forgive Naira. She ends her relations with Singhanias forever. Devyaani too tells her that this is their last meeting, and their families won’t meet ever from now on. She argues for long and suddenly faints down. This brings tension in Goenka family. While the elders end up arguing, Kartik and Naira stay in their own world, and be happy to feel each other’s presence. Kartik and Naira have their second innings of life. Will they learn about the huge clash between their family elders? Keep reading.

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Yeh Rishta: Twists amidst celebrations; KaiRa to rebond… Both the families meet for Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Kartik gets grateful to Rukmani for convincing everyone for the festive. Nandini tells Dadi that Kirti was adamant and left the function to attend Bhabhimaa. Dadi gets upset by Kirti’s absence. Naksh tells them that Kirti has sent a message for her brothers. Naksh asks then to respect Kirti’s word, since Kirti wants all of them to be happy. Rukmani thanks them for agreeing to her request. Dadi asks Rukmani not to blackmail them about Mansi. Rukmani tells them that Mansi and Anmol would be leaving for US, and its better if they plan any celebrations. Devyaani and Suwarna get into an argument and blame each other. Devyaani asks Suwarna why is she coming between children’s happiness again. Suwarna blames Devyaani for hurting her heart all the time. Devyaani reminds Suwarna her duties towards the children. Kartik worries on seeing their fight. Kartik and Naira stop their fight. Kartik gets happy to meet Naira.

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