Yeh Rishta: Twists amidst celebrations; KaiRa to rebond

Yeh Rishta: Twists amidst celebrations

Yeh Rishta: Twists amidst celebrations; KaiRa to rebond… Both the families meet for Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Kartik gets grateful to Rukmani for convincing everyone for the festive. Nandini tells Dadi that Kirti was adamant and left the function to attend Bhabhimaa. Dadi gets upset by Kirti’s absence. Naksh tells them that Kirti has sent a message for her brothers. Naksh asks then to respect Kirti’s word, since Kirti wants all of them to be happy. Rukmani thanks them for agreeing to her request. Dadi asks Rukmani not to blackmail them about Mansi. Rukmani tells them that Mansi and Anmol would be leaving for US, and its better if they plan any celebrations. Devyaani and Suwarna get into an argument and blame each other.

Devyaani asks Suwarna why is she coming between children’s happiness again. Suwarna blames Devyaani for hurting her heart all the time. Devyaani reminds Suwarna her duties towards the children. Kartik worries on seeing their fight. Kartik and Naira stop their fight. Kartik gets happy to meet Naira.

Suwarna tells them that they are meeting for the last time just for Mansi’s sake. Devyaani also wants the families to have distance, as their unions are hurting Naira’s heart the most. Devyaani wants to protect Naira. Naira asks them not to fight because of her divorce. Naksh reminds them that they have come here to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. He asks them to at least stay happy for Kirti and Mansi’s sake. Kartik and Naira express how much they know each other. They stay happy in their own world, where they recollect their moments and be happy. Rajshri asks Suwarna not to pressurize Kartik all the time. Suwarna apologizes to her. Rajshri tells her that they are really unfortunate that they couldn’t keep their promise of ensuring children’s happiness. She tells Suwarna that she has failed as a mother, since Kartik isn’t happy post divorce. Kartik and Naira get into a moment while helping the kids.

They cherish their meet and old memories. Manish and Naitik decide to always keep their relation the same way. Manish tells him that Devyaani shouldn’t derive wrong meanings all the time. Naitik also requests him to control Suwarna and not exhibit hatred for Naira. Rajshri tells them that they will also be affected by Kartik and Naira’s divorce. She advises them to stay united. Ashi forces Kartik to accompany him to the museum. Kartik tells her that he isn’t interested. Naira asks her not to compel Kartik, since he doesn’t like visiting any boring places. Ashi believes Naira’s word. Naira feels she has no right on Kartik now. Rukmani asks everyone not to have upset faces and be happy while celebrating the festival. The families sing and dance, while the rituals get done. Kartik feels bad about Kirti’s absence. The families learn about Suwarna’s motives to get Kartik and Ashi married. This disappoints Kartik.

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