Krishna Chali London: Radhe to hurt Krishna by his anger throwout

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Radhe gets heartbroken over Krishna’s deceive. He apologizes for coming in her way. Shukla gets happy with the drama. Radhe gets hurting Krishna’s feelings in anger. Radhe questions her about her lie. Krishna fails to tell everyone since Shukla stops her. Radhe doesn’t want anyone to interfere between his matter. He tells everyone that Krishna didn’t like him since he isn’t educated. Krishna asks him to stop it. Radhe asks her to leave from his life. Shukla tells the family that Krishna and Radhe’s tensions will kill him. This makes the family angry on Krishna, since Radhe appears as a victim to them. Krishna wonders what’s Radhe’s real problems. Radhe gets dreaming about Krishna again.

When he comes to senses, Krishna asks him about his bad behavior. He gets angry on her for lying to him. She asks him to clear the matter. Lali sees their growing problems and takes Saajan’s help to bring them together again. Radhe stops talking to Krishna. Saajan takes permission from Radhe’s mum and wants to take Radhe and Krishna along with him. Krishna gets busy in Shukla’s work. Shukla asks Krishna to go out and spend time with Radhe. He makes his image good. He messages Prashant to reach the theatre on time. Prashant calls Krishna and asks her to meet the officer if she talks the work to be done on time. Krishna and Radhe get arguing because of Prashant. Radhe waits for Krishna at the theatre.

He spots her with Prashant again and loses his cool. Prashant succeeds to break the peace between Radhe and Krishna. Radhe refuses to study for Krishna’s sake. Krishna doesn’t understand his problem. Krishna faces a sorrow because of Shukla. Saajan tries to talk to Radhe and know what’s bothering him. Radhe doesn’t share his insecurities about Krishna. Radhe gets angry on Saajan as well. Saajan and Krishna get a shock by Radhe’s ill-behavior.

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