Yeh Rishta: KaiRa witness a huge drama around Suwarna’s misdeeds

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa witness a huge drama around Suwarna's misdeeds

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa witness a huge drama around Suwarna’s misdeeds… Suwarna gets mindful about KaiRa’s closeness. She gets angry on Naira and makes her apologize to Ashi. Rajshri asks Suwarna not to hurt Naira and have some humanity. She reminds Suwarna her manners. She asks Suwarna not to keep hurting Naira for Shubham’s death. She tells Suwarna that everyone does mistakes and judges others’ entire lives. She asks Suwarna to rectify herself fast. She asks Kartik to have some trust on Naira because of their old relationship. Suwarna takes a step in anger and calls Ashi’s mother for fixing Kartik and Ashi’s marriage. Karan overhears Suwarna and gets angry on Suwarna’s selfish intentions. He realizes Kartik and Ashi won’t agree to the alliance as per the elders’ wish. He speaks to Ashi in this regard. Their conversation gets heard by everyone by the closely kept speakers. Karan tells Ashi about Suwarna’s wish to get her married to Kartik.

This big revelation turns disturbing for Kartik. He didn’t expect Suwarna to mock his heart and fix his marriage so soon. Akhilesh gets angry on Karan for spreading rubbish rumors. Karan tells Ashi that he is saying the truth about Suwarna’s planning, he has heard everything himself. He asks Akhilesh to confirm the matter if he thinks its just nonsense. Ashi also gets disturbed and refuses to Suwarna. Devyaani tells everyone about Suwarna’s long planning to get Kartik and Ashi married. She tells Kartik that Naira is well aware of this fact and Suwarna’s dreams. She reveals to Manish that Suwarna is cheating everyone by her secret planning. Kartik confronts Suwarna. Naira realizes Kartik had no idea about this before. He gets upset with Suwarna. Devyaani asks Dadi to seek an answer from Suwarna, as they always made Naira answer them for every little thing.

She asks Suwarna why didn’t she wait for KaiRa’s divorce and hurried for Kartik’s remarriage. Suwarna tells them that she was waiting for the right time as she wants to see Kartik happy. She tells them that she was awaiting Ashi’s mother to fix the alliance. Everyone gets disappointed with Suwarna for being so selfish. Suwarna accepts everything and doesn’t regret. Rajshri tells Suwarna that Naira has made Kartik accept her as mother, she should be thankful to Naira for this. She counts Naira’s favors on Suwarna. She tells Suwarna that Shubham was also brought to the family by Naira, and saved Goenkas from Suhana as well. She asks Suwarna why didn’t she forgive Naira for Shubham’s death, when Naira wasn’t at fault. She doesn’t want Suwarna to use her sorrow against others’ lives. She asks Suwarna not to hurt others to lessen her own pain.

Suwarna doesn’t accept her mistake. Rajshri asks her to think of answering her conscience. Kartik feels sorrowful that Suwarna was planning his remarriage and hurried to break his marriage with Naira. Naira pacifies him. They clear out the misunderstanding about Ashi. They share a moment of understanding and regret for their divorce. He asks Naira why didn’t she inform him about Suwarna’s planning. He clears out that he has no feelings for anyone else. He makes an apology to her. Ashi and Karan feel sorry for KaiRa’s broken relation. Suwarna fails to tolerate Rajshri’s bitter words. Rajshri counts Suwarna’s mistakes. She asks Suwarna how could she justify her own selfish decisions and make Naira sound wrong in front of everyone all the time. Rajshri gives some sense to Goenkas. Rajshri tells Suwarna that Naira has just kept Shubham’s request and hidden the matter.

Rajshri tells Suwarna that Naira can’t be punished for all her efforts. She proves Naira innocent in Shubham’s case in front of Goenkas. She asks Suwarna not to gain sympathy by saying about Shubham’s death. Suwarna doesn’t understand anything. She gets a panic attack and faints down. Goenkas worry for her. Singhanias realize that Suwarna doesn’t have courage to listen to the truth. Rajshri doesn’t let her hopes break. Kartik and Naira doesn’t think of moving on without each other. They realize their love which has always bound them with a strong link. They feel connected by hearts.

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