Papa By Chance: Amrit gets revengeful against Yuvaan

Papa By Chance: Amrit attempts to end Yuvaan's annoyance

Yuvaan decides to stay at the old house, which was bought by his dad and gifted to his friend Baldev many years ago. He meets Amrit. While he tries to explain his homeless situation to her, he ends up arguing. He tells her that he also has a right on the house, as his dad gifted the house to her dad. Amrit tells him that she can just give him the permission to live with them, but they will not tolerate the kids. The kids argue with Yuvaan, and scold him for leaving them alone. Amrit asks them to shut up. She dislikes the kids. She tells Yuvaan that if he is planning to live with the kids, he won’t succeed, they will never share the house with many people. Yuvaan gets insulted because of his mom.

He defends his mom and asks them not to judge his mom for her remarriage. Amrit tells Yuvaan that this maybe his house, but he can’t live this way. She threatens that she will file a legal case on him. Yuvaan wants a shelter for the kids. He tells Amrit that its his house, he can live with anyone, his girlfriends or kids.

Amrit asks him if the kids really belong to him. Yuvaan clears to Amrit that he has decided to live with Baldev’s family, as the house still belongs to Chopra family. Amrit tells him that she has spent a lot of money in the house renovation, she also has a share. Yuvaan tells her that whatever she did, the house will belong only to him. Amrit worries seeing the troubling and messy kids. Amrit and her family also trouble Yuvaan. Amrit hates Yuvaan and blames his dad for all the injustice done with her family. She isn’t aware of Harman’s crimes. Harman creates misunderstandings between Amrit and Yuvaan. She gets revengeful against Yuvaan.


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