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Jiji Maa

Know Upcoming On Star… Papa By Chance:
The kids trouble Yuvaan. They keep their demands in the middle of the night. Gungun questions Yuvaan about her parents’ murderer. Yuvaan gets disturbed. He can’t tell them that he is responsible for their parents’ accident. Gungun tries to make Dhoni sleep. Dhoni tells her that he can’t sleep, he is missing mum and dad and wants to talk to them once. Gungun pacifies Dhoni. She demands Yuvaan to make Dhoni sleep. Yuvaan succeeds in putting the kid to sleep. He asks Gungun where did Illu disappear. She tells him that Ullu walks in the state of sleep.

He finds them so unique and asks them to join any museum. He finds Ullu and gets him back. He ties a rope to his leg, so that he doesn’t go anywhere. Gungun asks Yuvaan why did he keep them in his house if he has so much problem with them. He says you have ruined my life, your dad was my friend, so I have got you all here. She says you got us here to win the court case, I know everything. He denies to know about her parents’ accident. He calms Gungun’s questions. He doesn’t accept his mistake. He fears of the day when Gungun learns his truth.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna makes an entry and shocks Shukla completely. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why did she come back and what is she going to tell about Shukla. Krishna sends the video to Shukla and blackmails him. He doesn’t want his truth to come out. She tells him that truth has to come out some day. The family gets curious to know the matter. Krishna lies to them that Shukla has called her back, as he trusts her a lot. She tells them how Shukla has insisted her to come back home. This surprises Radhe a lot. The family gets happy that Shukla has accepted Krishna. She tells them that Shukla has called her home so that she can do the Janmashtami puja. Shukla gets speechless after seeing the evidence against him. He doesn’t oppose Krishna to maintain his image in front of the guests and society.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Tevar finds Kullfi sad. He sings and dances for her. He wants to cheer her up. She thinks of Sikandar all the while. She stays unhappy. Tevar puts Kulfi to sleep. Amyra is depressed because of Sikandar. He keeps an eye on Amyra and feels bad that he is responsible for her tears. Sikandar sings a song for Amyra. Lovely gets hopeful that Sikandar is coming closer to family. Kulfi hears Sikandar singing the song for Amyra and cries out. Sikandar wants Amyra to forgive him. Amyra doesn’t forgive him. Kulfi recollects Sikandar, who shatters that he has lost Amyra. Kulfi sings for Sikandar and cries in his memory. Tevar gets sorrowful on seeing his daughter crying for Sikandar. He gives her time.

YRKKH: Kartik gets worried about Naira. He feels restless and decides to talk to Naira once. He wants to make sure that she is fine. He gets disturbed by the bad omens. He tries to see her once. Goenkas proceed to the temple for prayers. Lav and Kush get happy seeing the Dahi Handi competition going on in the temple courtyard. They insist Kartik to come with him. Kartik gets visuals of Naira and wishes to meet her. Kartik sings and dances in the function. He finally spots Naira. He dreams of her. They both spend romantic time in the dream sequence. Kartik enjoys the Janmashtami celebrations. He misses Naira in his life. He feels his wish has turned true that he met Naira. He doesn’t come in Naksh’s sight. He stays worried about her safety.

Jiji Maa:

Jiji Maa: Suyash gets angry on P Sehgal. Falguni asks him to recollect if he has any enemies. He tells her that Uttara has been unfair to many people and maybe she had such enemies. Suyash tells her that he will meet P Sehgal and know the real matter behind the shocking incidents. He doesn’t want anyone to hurt his workers. She tells him that she will accompany him. She asks him not to be angry. Vidhaan and Niyati try to gain information about P Sehgal. They don’t get any information and inform Suyash that even Jayant is trying to solve this mystery. Suyash thanks Falguni for always supporting him. She tells him that they are strong because of their unity. They rush to the factory to see the workers. Police stops them at checkpost and finds drugs and liquor in Suyash’s car trunk.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita doesn’t tell Raman that he may not be able to walk again, since she fears that Raman may not be able to handle this bitter truth. She doesn’t know how to tell him that his paralyzed state isn’t temporary. Raman gets depressed about his state. Ishita understands his dejected state. She supports him. The Bhallas and Iyers try their best to cheer up Raman. They welcome Raman home, but he feels helpless. Ishita understands his pain and also feels helpless seeing his sorrow.

Ishqbaaz: Anika demands Mohit to show her some magical tricks. Mohit pleases her by his wonderful tricks. Anika gets surprised. Shivay and Anika applaud him for his amazing tricks. Mohit asks Shivay to imagine a flower just liked Anika imagined a flower. Mohit gifts a cactus to Shivay and tells him that Anika has imagined this for him. Shivay doesn’t like the cactus. He asks Anika to get convinced that Mohit is a great magician. He asks Mohit and Nancy to take some rest. Priyanka and Gauri decide to plan a date for Shivika. They think they have to convince them to spend time together. Priyanka gets the romantic ideas to bring Shivika together. She shares the ideas with Gauri. Gauri is sure that their idea will work. Mohit and Nancy spend some romantic time together.

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