Krishna Chali London: Krishna to defeat Shukla badly

Krishna Chali London Shukla to sense another doom

Krishna Chali London: Krishna to defeat Shukla badly… Krishna makes an entry and shocks Shukla completely. Shukla’s wife asks Krishna why did she come back and what is she going to tell about Shukla. Krishna sends the video to Shukla and blackmails him. He doesn’t want his truth to come out. She tells him that truth has to come out some day. The family gets curious to know the matter. Krishna lies to them that Shukla has called her back, as he trusts her a lot. She tells them how Shukla has insisted her to come back home. This surprises Radhe a lot. The family gets happy that Shukla has accepted Krishna. She tells them that Shukla has called her home so that she can do the Janmashtami puja. Shukla gets speechless after seeing the evidence against him. He doesn’t oppose Krishna to maintain his image in front of the guests and society.

Krishna takes Shukla’s blessings. Shukla tells them that he is happy that Krishna is back. He lets Radhe and Krishna proceed with the puja. Krishna’s return brings happiness in Radhe’s heart, but he stays annoyed. Dubey and Prashant learn that Krishna has returned to her in-laws. Prashant doesn’t understand why Krishna wants to go to that hell. Dubey tells them that Krishna is stubborn and wants to reform Shukla family. He understands that Krishna is doing everything intentionally. Krishna and Radhe perform the puja together. They have a moment. Krishna wants to give it back to Shukla. Shukla doesn’t know how he got caught by Krishna. He wishes the blunder could have not happened. Krishna confronts Shukla for his evil intentions. She tells him that she has come to end his false pride. She reminds him the real meaning of Janmashtami. She tells him that she is equally smart and understood his fake tears. Shukla gets angered and accepts that he has done everything to oust her from the house.

He tells her that she can’t outdo him any way. He can’t tolerate any family member going against him. He boasts how everyone is scared of me. She tells him that everyone will stop respecting him, knowing he is selfish and doesn’t love them. She promises that she will get Radhe back and he will hate Shukla more when he knows Shukla’s crimes. She blackmails him and gets her place back in the house. He asks her why is she favoring him. She tells them that she will live life on her own terms.

She strikes a deal with him. He tells her that she can’t free anyone from his rule. He laughs on her big dreams. He tells her that Radhe is against her now, and he will never give her any rights. She promises to change Radhe’s hatred by fulfilling her responsibility. She tells him that she is strong enough as she is seeing her dreams shattering every day. She challenges to change Radhe’s opinion about her. Shukla gets angry on her for challenging him. He promises that he will get Radhe remarried and make Krishna out of Radhe’s life. He asks her to better prepare for the divorce. She doesn’t want Shukla to break her marriage. She tells him that she will set his ego on fire this time. Krishna teaches him a lesson, which he finds too hard to digest.


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