Silsila: Big twists to hit Kunal-Nandini’s bond

Silsila: Nandini imposes her shocking decision on Kunal

Silsila: Big twists to hit Kunal-Nandini’s bond… Rajdeep breaks into Nandini’s house. He meets Nandini and scares her. He asks her why is she so decked up, where did she come from. He tells her that she is his wife, his property. Nandini doesn’t listen to him. He tries to molest her. Nandini calls up Kunal and Mauli for help. She fights with Rajdeep. She shows him a knife and makes him away. She threatens to hurt him. He gets hurt. They have an argument. He asks her to put the knife down. He gets a shock on seeing the big change in her. He gets afraid seeing her new bold avatar. She calls police to get Rajdeep arrested. Rajdeep tells her that he will come back. Kunal and Mauli check Nandini’s missed calls and get worried.

They come to meet Nandini and learn the matter. Kunal gets too disturbed on knowing about Rajdeep’s misdeed. He gets worried for Nandini on seeing her condition. Mauli is also upset for Nandini’s suffering, but she is happy that Nandini took a brave stand for herself.

Mauli asks Nandini not to worry, as she isn’t alone. She says Rajdeep has dared too much this time and he won’t be forgiven. She apologizes as she couldn’t answer her call. Kunal deeply regrets that he wasn’t with Nandini and left her alone, so this incident has occurred. He feels ashamed that he didn’t fulfill his responsibility. He apologizes to Nandini. Mauli asks Nandini to come with them, but Nandini refuses. She tells them that she has to fight with her fears, if she leaves the house and goes with them, she will never be able to manage her life. She wants to be independent. She thanks Mauli and Kunal for giving her strength and courage.

Mauli asks Kunal to see the brighter side, Nandini fought for herself. Kunal holds Nandini’s hand and assures her that he is always with her. Kunal tells her that he will always protect her. Mauli doesn’t notice much when Kunal gives an assurance to Nandini. Kunal asks Nandini to call him whenever she needs help, she isn’t alone and doesn’t need to get scared till he is with her. Kunal and Nandini forget Mauli’s presence. Kunal gets revengeful against Rajdeep.


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