TR’s Quick Reads: Kaleerein and more…

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TR’s Quick Reads… Kaleerein:
Vivaan and Meera unite after many hurdles. Amar slaps Vivaan in a fit of rage. Meera defends Vivaan. She expresses that she just loves Vivaan. She wants to prove Sunny’s evil plan. Meera has understood Sunny’s intentions. She threatens Sunny. She will protect Vivaan. She knows Sunny has been trying to trouble Vivaan since long. Meera and Vivaan are married, but they have no proof for it. Vivaan beats up Sunny. Amar stops her. Everyone thinks Meera has got married to Sunny. Just Sunny knows about their marriage, but he denies it. Sunny has his own plans. He just wants to hurt Vivaan and his family. He has no enmity with Meera. He wants to break Vivaan’s heart by turning him jealous using Meera. Sunny reveals his planning to Vivaan to anger him and make him appear wrong in front of the family.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira troubles Bulbul a lot. Vijay and Bulbul aren’t aware of her truth. Mandira’s drama goes on. Mandira is playing Mishri’s part in the family. She gives many tasks to Bulbul and makes her run like a slave. Bulbul agrees to do any work just for the sake of the baby. Mandira tells Bulbul that she is having much ache in her back. Bulbul comforts her backpain. Mandira doesn’t let Bulbul sleep all night. She wants to make Bulbul’s life hell. Mandira scares Bulbul and acts innocent. Bulbul just worries for the baby. She believes Mishri. Mandira asks Bulbul to forgive her. Vijay realizes that Bulbul is taking much stress because of the baby. Mandira determines to ruin Bulbul’s life by making each day horrible for her.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:
Murari gets worried when his pictures with the dancer leaks out. Ilaychi gets disappointed with her dad. He tells her that Chote has compelled him to see the dance program. He shares the problem and tells her that the dancer has framed him. He gets blackmailed by the dancer. He tells her that he isn’t cheating Karuna. Ilaychi sympathizes with him, knowing he didn’t do anything wrong. Karuna overhears them and breaks things in anger. She asks him how did he hide such a big thing. She believes he cheated her. Murari tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong. He faces Karuna’s wrath. Ilaychi tries to make things normal. He assures her dad that everything will get fine. Dancer demands money from Murari. He reads out the threatening message to Ilaychi. She promises to sort the problem and expose the dancer.

Internet Wala Love: Jai puts Aadhya in a fix once again. Aadhya faces the bad questions of the neighbors. Aadhya bears all the tortures because of Jai. Everyone assumes that Aadhya got married and didn’t tell anything to her parents. Aadhya’s parents support her and have faith in her. Neighbors insult Aadhya. They test her patience. Aadhya asks them to listen to her once. Jai proves that Aadhya has eloped from the home to marry her lover, while the truth remains that she had run away from the balcony just to be at her office on time. She tells them that her room door was stuck and she had no other option than to leave from the balcony. Jai has spread the video to create the misconception.

Dil Hi Toh Hai: Rithvik apologizes to his family. He spends some good time with his family. He asks Rishabh why is he so upset. Shivam asks Rithvik not to say anything emotionally, else he will have to pay a big price for it. Shivam cheers everyone. Rishabh covers his dilemma. He then tells his mum that he doesn’t want Rithvik to work on his project. He says I m elder to Rithvik, but I didn’t get any rights, Rithvik always got the priority. She asks him why is he talking this way. He tells her that Rithvik should get back to his project. He clears that he can’t give the new project to his brother.

Rajdeep crosses all limits of humanity. He shows his devilish side once again. Nandini tries hard to protect her dignity. Rajdeep tries to molest her. He tells her that she is his wife and he has rights on her. She hits on his head and injures him to stop him. Rajdeep asks her if she has gone mad to reject her husband. He gets reprimanding her. He questions her about anyone in her life. He treats her like she is his property. Nandini resists him. She fights with him for the first time and shocks him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Miraj catches hold of Zara and puts her in the car. Miraj fixes a bomb to the car. He calls up Kabeer and tells him that Zara is going to die. Kabeer scolds Miraj. Kabeer runs to save her. He sees the car blast and goes out of senses. He can’t believe that he has lost Zara. Miraj didn’t kill Zara. He has just kidnapped Zara. Zara recollects Kabeer and cries. She has a hope that Kabeer will save her. Miraj wants to show the world that Zara is dead. He loves Zara and wants to keep her with him. He can’t kill Zara. He proves Zara dead so that Kabeer stops finding her. He is ready to do anything to win Zara’s love. Miraj and Kabeer will fight for Zara. Miraj will kidnap Kabeer to move him out of his way. He wants to torture Kabeer and Zara.

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