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High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

High Five Spoilers… Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan fail to convince family that they got married. Meera gets separated from Vivaan again. Sunny succeeds to prove Vivaan wrong. He erases all the evidences of Meera and Vivaan’s marriage. Sunny conceals the truth. Vivaan gets stuck by Meera’s family. Meera yearns for Vivaan. Sunny changes Vivaan’s letter for Meera. Vivaan plans to elope with Meera. Sunny misleads Meera by leaving the wrong note for her. When Meera reaches the place and looks for Vivaan, Sunny kidnaps Meera. She runs to save herself. Vivaan looks for Meera. He tries to find her. He gets Meera’s bangles and jewelry which she left for him as clues. He tracks Meera. She attempts to call him. Meera hurts Sunny and runs away. Sunny chases her. Meera cries and doesn’t want her courage to break down.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika and Sahil will have a union. Vedika meets the nurse to find Sadika’s real mother. She realizes Sadika isn’t her daughter. She wants to find her own child. She gets disturbed with her questions. Vedika protects the children. Badi Amma keeps an eye on Vedika. Vedika gets heartbroken when nurse tells her that she gave birth to the child, who couldn’t survive. Vedika sees Sahil there and gets emotional. She hugs Sahil and shares sorrow with him, since she is much attached to him. Sahil asks Vedika the matter. Vedika faces the emotional trauma.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara reaches the Dargah to pray for Kabeer and her relation. Miraj kidnaps Zara and fixes a bomb to the car. She gets a big shock seeing him. She didn’t expect Miraj to return. Kabeer learns Miraj’s evil crime. Miraj challenges Kabeer to come and save his wife, who is going away from him in few minutes of time. Miraj scares Zara and fools Kabeer. Zara expresses her wishes to Kabeer. Zara feels she is going to die. She recollects Kabeer and cries. She feels everything has finished. She wishes she could meet Kabeer and share her feelings once again. Kabeer breaks down on seeing the car blast. He can’t accept that Zara has left him. He believes that Zara and his love story can’t end this way, she is alive and will come back. His heart doesn’t accept her death. Miraj brings sorrow in their happy marriage.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Naina becomes the General Secretary of the College. She turns into a confident person. Everyone gets surprised with her coming. Sameer and friends welcome Naina in the village as the new GS. Everyone compliments Naina. Saneer gets bowled by Naina’s new avatar. Some students throw junk on the floor. Naina takes their class and asks them not to throw junk anywhere and keep the college clean. She explains the students that she is like their friend, they are the youth and have a duty to keep the college and state clean. She tells them that she will do her duties and not spare her friends, rules will be same for everyone. Sameer feels proud of Naina.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Kartik gets confused over his feelings and asks Lord Krishna to help him clear his dilemma. Naksh plays Lord Krishna and Kirti plays Radha in the skit. Radha stays annoyed with Krishna for his mistakes. Naksh as Krishna apologizes to Kirti during the skit. Kartik watches the skit and derives own meaning from it. Kartik realizes that he should also apologize to Naira. He feels this is the solution which Lord is showing him. He thanks the Lord for helping him. Kartik goes to apologize to Naira for not understanding her and breaking their marriage. He wonders how will Suwarna react to his move.

Silsila: Mauli hugs Nandini. She apologizes to her for not being with her in her sorrowful time. Mauli confronts Nandini for lying to her and avoiding her. Nandini and Kunal realize that Mauli has seen them at the coffee shop. Kunal sighs a relief knowing Mauli hasn’t seen him with Nandini. Kunal and Nandini get cheating Mauli. Nandini and Kunal reach the community temple for attending the marriage of Mauli’s brother Mayank. Mauli’s mum feels Nandini in a big problem for Mauli. She asks Nandini to leave and not cast her bad shadow on her children. She senses that Nandini isn’t good for Mauli’s happy marriage. Mauli’s mum says this woman couldn’t save her own house, why shall I make her welcome my bahu. She asks Nandini to just leave and not make her get more bitter.


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