Ishqbaaz: Mohit-Nancy’s shocking intentions to surface

It's Showtime in Ishqbaaz: Mohit to get exposed FINALLY

Ishqbaaz: Mohit-Nancy’s shocking intentions to surface… Shivay and Anika have a moment. A burglar enters the house and ruins the security systems. Khanna doesn’t learn about it. Priyanka and Gauri’s planning fails. They stay upset. Anika asks them why are they planning so much to bring Shivay and her closer. She gets happy with their efforts and pulls their leg by fake annoyance. She tells them that its fate that brought her close to Shivay. She wants to leave things on fate. Khanna informs Shivay about the security systems break down. Shivay doesn’t want any security breach and asks Khanna to get everything fixed. Shivay wants to know why Mohit left his magic show midway. He questions Mohit. Mohit replies him with his magical tricks. He tells them that Nancy is the reason for this, he couldn’t stand his wife’s insult and reacted badly with the sponsor. Shivay can’t believe Mohit’s other side. Nancy feels lucky to have Mohit with him.

Anika asks Mohit to invite her in the magic show. He promises her. She gets happy and tries to learn some magic tricks on her own. Shivay wants to know what’s going on in Anika’s mind. She tells him that Mohit is just tricking them, its not any magic what he does. He can’t stand it when she calls Mohit’s magic fake. He tells her that Mohit’s magic is like a miracle. He tells Anika that love is also such, which exists for some people. He asks her if she can prove that Mohit fakes the magic. She takes his challenge. They make promises to each other. She tries to find out what’s Mohit’s secret. She intervenes in Mohit’s private space and hunts for clues. Nancy asks Shivay to help her with the magical trick. He agrees. Anika tries hard to test Mohit’s magical props. Shivay and Nancy fall under the curtain.

Anika learns Mohit’s tricks and rushes to tell Shivay about it. She finds Shivay and Nancy in a closely packed situation. Nancy apologizes that the trick went wrong. Anika tells them that she has understood the trick. Shivay tries to explain her that Nancy and he were just trying some trick and an accident happened. She tells him that she has understood Mohit’s trick. Shivay gets thankful that she didn’t doubt on him because of Nancy. He compliments her for her faith and hugs her. Anika gets surprised.

Gauri falls down the stairs and gets much hurt. Shivay and Anika find oil on the floor and wonder who has been so careless. Shivay alerts Khanna about the incident and wants to ensure the family safety. He realizes Anika is worried for Gauri. He tells her that he worries for her and Gauri too. He asks her to stay with Gauri and sends her. Nancy tries to woo Shivay and trap him. Mohit is involved in Nancy’s plan to frame Shivay. What’s the reason behind Mohit and Nancy’s enmity with Shivay? Keep reading.


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