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TR’s Quick Reads… Papa By Chance:
Yuvaan needs to lie to Amrit’s family once again. He struggles to raise the kids. Yuvaan lies to everyone that there is no girl in his house. Amrit asks her what’s the girl’s belongings doing with him, where is the girl, whom is he hiding. He tells her that she doesn’t know any fashion senses, all such things belong to his girlfriend. She tells him that girls aren’t allowed in her house, he can’t get any girlfriends home. He hides the kids from Amrit. Amrit tells her mum that she has heard someone snoring. Yuvaan sends her away. He asks the kids to be safe and not come in Amrit’s sight. He warns them against any mischief, which will make them lose this shelter as well.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Mandira to double troubles for Vijay… Vijay gets angry on Mandira for stooping low and hurting Bulbul’s emotions. He asks Bulbul not to stop Mandira. Mandira asks him not to shout on Bulbul. She says I will be giving birth to your child and fulfill Bulbul’s dream, you can talk to doctor and confirm that I have undergone the surrogacy. She asks them to remember that they will lose their child if they oust her from the house. She asks Bulbul to live with her weaknesses and sorrows, she will never get a child. Bulbul doesn’t want Mandira to go. Vijay knows Mandira’s evil intentions and wants her away at any cost. He tells Bulbul that maybe Mandira is lying, even if she has their child, the child will be evil like her. He doesn’t want Mandira to do any favor on them and asks her to leave along with the child.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Anjali has to prove herself in front of Virat. He suspects her that she has illegitimate relations with Deep. She tells him that Aarohi/Tara has buried her alive, she was shouting for help and nobody came to help her. She asks him where was he when she needed his help. She says anything would have happened to my child. She answers him. He gets jealous seeing her with Deep. He gets mad in anger. He tells her that he was madly finding her, but he didn’t find her. He questions her about her relations with Deep. He gets blaming her. She loses her temper and slaps him.


Sir ji gets raging when Aarti humiliates him. Aarti tells him that she can face any problems for the sake of her daughter. Sir ji decides to give it back to Aarti by separating her from Muskaan. He declares to Tabassum that he is taking Muskaan with him forever, since Aarti has humiliated him and thrown a challenge at him. He wants to test a mother’s patience and belief. Muskaan gets helpless when Sir ji drags her away from her namesake Maasis. She tries to run away, while he threatens her to stop. Sir ji takes the extreme step of shooting down Muskaan.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik meets Naira and apologizes to her. He breaks down and tells her that he is sorry to keep all the expectations from her alone, when he couldn’t fulfill her expectations. He has realized his mistakes after two years. He understands that he has been wrong and unjust towards Naira. Kartik tells her that he couldn’t protect her and her happiness. He says I have snatched your house, family and happiness, I m responsible for your sorrow, I have done injustice with you. He says I have given you just sorrow and pain. He asks her if she can forgive her. He tells her that he has realized his mistake and hidden about Mansi’s pregnancy when she asked him to tell everyone about it. He says I have blamed you for two years for hiding about Shubham’s matter, but I have done the same mistake and even Suwarna did the mistake.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti asks Aparna to fight Ahaan’s case, since a mother can defend a child the best way. Aparna gets embarrassed when the lawyer questions Ahaan about Rangoli’s charges. Aparna tries hard to save Ahaan by proving Rangoli’s charges fake. She gets a shock when Rangoli’s lawyer presents the evidences against Ahaan. Pankti can’t believe Ahaan and Rangoli’s romance video. Ahaan realizes that he was drugged by Rangoli at that time and states the same. Pankti asks Aparna to prove Ahaan’s innocence. Rangoli asks Pankti to accept the deal and leave from Ahaan’s life if she wants Ahaan’s freedom and respect intact.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer goes with Zara’s family for her funeral. He sheds tears. He imagines Zara with him. He can’t believe that the corpse lying in front of him is of Zara. Zara’s family buries the dead body and finish the final rituals. Kabeer shatters with this sight. He visualizes Zara, who comes to him and tells her that she is alive. He dreams about her and wishes that this turns into reality. Zara’s dad sides his annoyance and hugs Kabeer to pacify him. Zara is captive with Miraj. She tries to hurt Miraj. She warns him about Kabeer. She tells him that Kabeer will not spare him. She throws the shagun which he gets for marrying her. He tells her that he has laid the trap for Kabeer, he can do anything to kill Kabeer. She asks him what is his plan. She breaks down knowing about Miraj’s evil planning. Zara gives him a tough competition and tries to escape from his clutches.

Ishika plans to trouble Roop and locks him up to end his game. Roop gets conscious and stops her. He locks Ishika and tells her that he is ready to spend time with her in her own captivity. Ishika wanted to take revenge from Roop, but he throws an open challenge for her.


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