Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s troubling obsession angers Shivay

Ishqbaaz: Nancy to disclose bigger secrets

Ishqbaaz: Nancy’s troubling obsession angers Shivay… Nancy falls for Shivay, and starts cheating her husband Mohit. She adds sleeping pills in his tea and makes him sleep, so that she can get intimate with Shivay. She goes to Shivay and tries to get close to him, without his will, shocking him to the core. Anika gets restless and thinks of checking on Shivay once. She has no idea about Shivay, who has become Nancy’s target now. Shivay tries to make Nancy away, but she gets forcing herself on him with her cheap thinking. Shivay gets raging in anger and tells her that he will throw her out of his house. She tells him that Mohit and Anika won’t know about them. She gets a misconception that he likes her too. He clears out that she is just his friend’s wife for him. He asks her to get away. When Anika enters the room, Nancy hides and plays along to make Shivay lie to his wife. Shivay manages to send Anika out of the room. Nancy refuses to leave.

Shivay gets saved when Mohit turns up suddenly and questions Nancy about her presence in Shivay’s room. She lies that she is planning a surprise for him and taking Shivay’s help. Mohit apologizes to him on her behalf. Nancy doesn’t change her intentions. Anika asks Mohit to prove his magic and get fruits right in front of tjem. She claims that he tricks people. Mohit shows some magical tricks and amuses her once again. Shivay asks her to accept that Mohit is really an extraordinary magician. Nancy gets flirting with Shivay and forces her feelings on him, which gets troubling Shivay mentally.

Shivay tries to get away from her. Nancy follows him and troubles him a lot, asking him to accept her demands. He threatens to tell Mohit about her cheap act. She doesn’t get scared of Mohit and feels cheating him is fine. She asks him to feel lucky about her liking for him. Shivay gets fed up of Nancy’s madness. He hides the matter from Anika, thinking Anika will be troubled too. Anika finds them together, while Nancy makes excuses to hide her intentions again. Shivay and Anika share breakfast and a moment of love together. Nancy takes advantage of Mohit’s absense and tries to woo Shivay. Shivay feels helpless when she is around. Nancy stoops low and tries to prove Shivay wrong in Mohit’s eyes.


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