Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra join Shivika’s party plans

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz: Omkara-Rudra join Shivika’s party plans… Nancy frames Shivay in front of Mohit and Anika. She presents Shivay in bad light. Shivay pleads to Mohit to believe him, since Nancy is the one who is making cheap demands. He tells Anika that he is innocent, while Nancy was troubling him since long. Anika shows her belief in Shivay, while Mohit tells them that he knows Nancy well and believes her. Nancy puts cheap blames on Shivay, which angers the family and Mohit too. Mohit reacts shocking and slaps Nancy in rage. He tells them that he knows his childhood friend Shivay well, and he knows for a fact that Nancy is wrong. He wants his wife to apologize to Shivay. Mohit apologizes to Shivay and Anika for his wife’s misdeed. He gets embarrassed. Nancy apologizes to Mohit. He asks her to pack her stuff, since they are leaving.

Tej and Jhanvi learn the entire matter and find Nancy at fault. They ask Shivay to stop Mohit from leaving and forgive Nancy as well, in order to save Mohit and Shivay’s long friendship. Shivay gets in a dilemma over the same. Anika asks Shivay to decide well, since Mohit has shown much trust in him.

She suggests him to keep the friendship with Mohit. Shivay thanks her for showing faith in front of everyone. Anika tells him that she has strong belief that he can never do anything wrong. Shivay finds a good friend in her. She tells him that he is a good husband. Nancy apologizes to Shivay and asks him to convince Mohit. Shivay tells Mohit that he has forgiven Nancy. He convinces Mohit to stay back. Oberois decide to throw a welcome party for Mohit and Nancy by forgetting whatever happened.

Shivay spots Mohit with some woman and tries to know the matter. Shivay gets another shock when Nancy flirts with him again. Anika tells him that this was their prank, Nancy didn’t mean anything. Shivay gets a relief that Nancy is left her cheap demands. Omkara and Rudra come home and surprise Shivay and Anika. Shivay tells them about the party. Omkara and Rudra get excited for the party, while Mohit and Nancy speak out their shady intentions to execute in the party. Mohit’s words don’t get observed by Shivay. The family prepares for the masquerade party and wish it gets some surprising fun for them.

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