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TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers… Kaleerein:
Vivaan is arrested for Sunny’s murder. Meera knows the truth. Meera tells the family that Vivaan is her husband, not Sunny. She tries to help Vivaan. The family believes that Vivaan has killed Meera’s husband Sunny. She defends Vivaan. She tries to explain her family and police. Meera reaches the dance bar to hunt for the witness. She fights with the man, who gave wrong testimony against Vivaan. She slaps him and takes his class. She takes the man to the police station to make him admit the truth. She will free Vivaan from the big mess. Vivaan and Meera will together expose Sunny, who is alive and playing games with everyone.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai admits his mistakes. His Dadi asks him to meet Aadhya and apologize to her. Jai goes to meet Aadhya and struggles a lot. When Aadhya sees Jai, she misunderstands him and calls Shubhankar. Jai wants courage to apologize to her. He stops Aadhya and says sorry to her. Aadhya insults him again. He asks her to accept her apology. He hopes that Aadhya forgives her. Aadhya and Jai will turn into friends soon.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep plans to kill someone. Tara gets a big shock with Deep’s new plotting. Aarohi keeps an eye on him. Deep and Aarohi’s revenge isn’t settling. Aarohi and Tara leave from Ganpati puja. Deep makes a call to someone. Aarohi overhears his conversation. She wishes to hurt Deep so that he admits about her parents. She feels he is a devil and will never understand her pain. She wants to know some weakness of Deep, by which she can blackmail him. She knows Deep is just after Anjali’s money. She hates Deep even more. She thinks Deep is happy with her pain. Tara follows Aarohi. They have a fight as well. Tara doesn’t want Aarohi to know the truth. Deep gets a letter and learns a big truth. Deep breaks into tears. He covers up his sorrow. Aarohi wants to know what is Deep up to. She thinks if Deep is going to kill her parents.

Silsila: There will be Maha Sangam episode of Tu Aashiqui, Internet Wala Love, Silsila and Udaan. Ahaan and Pankti perform on a romantic song. Jai and Aadhya’s arguments continue even at Kunal and Mauli’s house. Jai and Aadhya have a dance dance off. The couples try to bring Kunal and Mauli together. Kunal performs with Mauli. He sees Nandini watching them and feels uncomfortable. Kunal rushes towards Nandini. Kunal and Mauli celebrate Ganpati Festival with Nandini. Kunal records the celebrations memories only for Nandini’s sake. Mauli welcomes the guests at home. Kunal clicks selfies with family. He gets pictures with Nandini. They both steal a glance and romance.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay tells Mandira that Bulbul is pregnant. Mandira can’t believe this and tries to confirm if Bulbul is really pregnant, or if Vijay lying to trick her. She puts Bulbul in trouble, so that Vijay admits the truth. She wants to kill Bulbul’s baby in womb. Mandira plays a new game with Bulbul. Mandira wants to hurt Bulbul, Vijay and their coming baby. Bulbul slips on the floor by the oil spread. Vijay saves Bulbul and fails Mandira’s plan.

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