Kaleerein: Meera gets close to prove Vivaan’s innocence

Kaleerein: Vivaan fears for Paromita's secret unveiling

Kaleerein: Meera gets close to prove Vivaan’s innocence.. Vivaan is blamed for Sunny’s murder. Meera meets Vivaan in jail. She assures him that she will free him soon. Meera explains Sunny’s plan to Vivaan. She stops inspector from torturing Vivaan. Inspector asks them not to romance in jail. He threatens of getting Vivaan punished. Meera challenges that she will protect Vivaan and prove him innocent. She asks inspector not to make any mistake, even if she has to visit any court, she will prove Vivaan’s innocence. She argues with inspector. Dolly slaps Meera in anger. She cries for Meera’s madness for Vivaan. Dolly also thinks Meera is wrong to support Vivaan, who is a murderer. Dolly curses Vivaan. She scolds Meera for lying about her marriage.

Meera tells them that Vivaan is her husband. Meera tells Dolly that she needs her family today in such a tough time, but they are getting against her and believing Sunny. She asks Dolly to support her and believe the truth of Vivaan. She asks Dolly doesn’t she have any trust. They tell Meera that Sunny is dead, and even then Meera is getting mad for Vivaan.

They ask Meera to remove her bridal dress and mourn for her husband’s death. Meera gets troubled. Vivaan watches the family drama. Meera tells them that Sunny has done this plotting to make her family against her. She asks them to believe her once. Vivaan feels Sunny has taken advantage of their trust and fooled them. He regrets to trust Sunny. Sunny has projected Vivaan as the villain. Meera forgets everything and just wants to get Vivaan out. She steals some documents from Vivaan’s case file.

She finds clues and gets to know about the fake witness. She wants to find Sunny and prove Vivaan’s innocence. Meera spots the witness at the bar. She stops the man from dancing and shocks him. She threatens him and demands him to take her to Sunny. Meera just supports the truth. Her family abandons her. Meera knows Vivaan is true. She wants to fight for the truth, even if her family is against her. She doesn’t want to part ways with Vivaan under any circumstances.


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