Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to uncover the big cause of his paralysis

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to uncover the big cause of his paralysis

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman to uncover the big cause of his paralysis… Ishita talks to Raman’s therapist and learns that the therapy session isn’t possible for few days. The therapist advises her to plan a surprise for Raman to cheer his mood. She asks Ishita not to react on Raman’s anger, its natural for him to vent out frustration. Ishita suggests the family to go for a movie, so that Raman doesn’t feel that their lives have stopped because of his helplessness. She tells them that she will manage Raman alone. She thinks of planning a romantic date for Raman. Aaliya wishes to stay back, but Simmi understands Ishita’s plan. Simmi tells Aaliya that they should better leave and not spoil Ishita’s special planning. Rajat worries that his truth will come out. He recollects Ruhi spotting him at the hospital. He looks forward to meet Sudha.

He goes for another surgery. He has a bad addiction to alcohol, because of which he has committed a blunder in Raman’s surgery. The assistant stops Rajat from consuming alcohol. He reminds Rajat his mistake. Rajat doesn’t regret for his mistake and gets drunk before the complicated surgery once again. The assistant feels Rajat is playing with patient’s life and future this way. Bhallas make a leave from the house. Raman feels bad that the family members didn’t ask him to accompany. He feels miserable. Ishita turns up with her surprise. She asks him to be ready for the surprise. Raman refuses at first.

She asks him to just be ready for the sake of her happiness. She puts efforts and surprises him with the romantic decor to please his senses. Raman stays unhappy as he feels his inability to go out of the house. Ishita asks him not to spoil their date by getting his incapability in between their relation. Ishita stops him from leaving. She tries her best to bring a smile on his face. A problem knocks at their door. The goon threatens Ishita and asks her to take her complaint back.

Raman realizes the threat on Ishita. He gets helpless. The goon attacks Raman. Raman wants the goon to spare Ishita. The goon laughs on Raman’s disabled state. Raman asks Ishita to sign on papers and get free from the goon.

The goon threatens to kill her. Bala comes in nick of the time and saves them. He gets the goon arrested. Raman gets much hurt by the shocking incident, which shakes him within. Raman tells Ishita that he doesn’t deserve to be called her husband, she is falling in danger because of him. He commands her to leave from his life, as he is useless for her. He tells her that she can’t change the truth that he is paralyzed, he can never resume his normal life. He feels terrible. She tells him that she won’t be happy if she walks out of Raman’s life.

She explains him that they are together as a strength. She doesn’t want him to fall more weak. She refuses to leave from his life. Raman doesn’t know how to thank her for her support. Raman and Ishita realize that Rajat has made a blunder in the surgery, because of which Raman got paralyzed.


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