Krishna Chali London: Radhe to commit an unthinkable deed

Krishna Chali London: Radhe to commit an unthinkable deed

Krishna Chali London: Radhe to commit an unthinkable deed… Radhe doesn’t want Krishna to leave from his life. He meets Saajan and finds a solution to stop Krishna. He comes home and worriedly looks for Krishna. He gets happy on seeing her. He executes his plan to trick her into believing that she has failed in her exam. Saajan assures Radhe that he will handle everything. Krishna prays for her result. She has high hopes that she will pass. She goes to the cyber cafe to check her result. Saajan and Radhe deceive her. Radhe wishes her good luck. Saajan hands over the wrong result to Krishna. Krishna passes by good marks, but gets the wrong result. Krishna cries knowing she has failed. She can’t believe that her dreams have shattered once again. Radhe thanks Saajan. He promises that he will love Krishna and help her forget this result sorrow. Saajan asks him to protect Krishna from Shukla’s conspiracies.

Radhe thinks of meeting Prashant and apologizing to him. Saajan doesn’t want Radhe to do any mistake again. Radhe meets Prashant and apologizes to him with love. He tells Prashant that he was wrong about Krishna and is feeling sorry for it now. Prashant asks Radhe not to be blind and see the reality. He warns Radhe.

He tells Radhe that its all over in his marriage, Krishna will not tolerate anyone now. He praises Krishna and tells Radhe to leave Krishna if he really loves her. He reminds how Krishna was compelled to marry him. He tells Radhe that Krishna is close to fulfill her dreams and become a doctor, as she has passed the exams. Prashant gets the right result and tells Radhe that Krishna has got a good offer from London’s medical college. He asks Radhe to be happy, since Krishna will be going with him to London. He scolds Radhe and asks him not to dare come in Krishna’s success path.

He also reveals that Krishna’s admission got confirmed. Radhe beats up Prashant and stops him from informing the result to Krishna. Krishna informs Dubey that she has failed in the exams. She apologizes to Dubey for not fulfilling his expectations. Krishna shares her sorrow with Lali. She cries on her fate. She doesn’t want to hurt others. She tells Lali that maybe its her bad fate that she has lost everything. She goes to help Lali. Radhe fears that Krishna can learn the truth. Radhe informs Saajan about Prashant. Saajan worries finding Prashant unconscious. Radhe does the unthinkable and kidnaps Prashant in order to have Krishna in his life. Will Krishna learn Radhe’s misdeed? Keep reading.


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