YHM: Ishita to handle a critical shock

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces a shocker

YHM: Ishita doesn’t want Raman to get more bitter and frustrated about his condition. She takes Ruhi’s help and meets the therapist. Raman turns happy after the therapy session. Ishita feels delighted that Raman is back on the good front. The therapist asks Ishita to let Raman do all his work. She asks Ishita to treat him like a normal person and encourage him, rather than making him feel disabled and sympathizing with him. Ishita wants Raman to be smiling. Raman also puts efforts to keep the family happy. Raman tells Ruhi that they shall have lunch at the hotel. Rajat is also at the same hotel and refuses to carry on a surgery. Rajat learns that a patient has died because of his mistake committed in the surgery. Rajat gets stressed when Ishita spots him. The doctor tells Rajat that the patient lost his life just because of the wrong surgical process. Rajat makes an excuse and rushes away.

Ishita feels weird that he has lied to her. She wonders what’s the reason. Rajat covers up all his mistakes. Ishita tells Raman that Rajat has lied to her. Raman tells her that maybe Rajat is too busy and avoided her. Ruhi tells them that Rajat behaved weird in front of her also. Raman asks them not to spy on Rajat and let him be. Ruhi, Raman and Ishita come across a lady who has lost her husband.

Ishita identifies the lady and tells Raman that Rajat has done the surgery of that lady’s husband. Ishita meets the lady and asks the matter. The lady asks Ishita to help her find the culprit. She tells her that she can’t let the doctor escape and will stop the final rites. She wants to know the reason of her husband’s death by getting post mortem done. Raman and Ishita support the lady and take Mani’s help as well. They get the person’s post mortem done and learn the cause of death.

The doctor tells them about the wrong surgery, because of which the patient died. The doctor tells the lady that Rajat always makes blunders in his surgery, his patients always suffer complications. Raman and Ishita also hear the case details and realize that Rajat isn’t a right doctor. They get a huge shock.

The doctor tells Ishita that Rajat is responsible for patient’s death. Ishita gets worried. Raman tells her that maybe Rajat has done a mistake in his surgery also, that’s the reason for his paralysis. Mani can’t believe that Rajat is playing with patients lives.

The lady promises to take action against Rajat. Raman loses hope that he will recover some day. He doesn’t want to slip in depression. He gets angry on Rajat and wants to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Aaliya meets the therapist to collect Raman’s reports. She learns the bitter truth about Rajat. She can’t believe that Rajat commits fatal errors in his surgeries. The therapist tells Aaliya that Rajat can’t perform any surgery, since he is undergoing therapy sessions too. Aaliya learns about Rajat’s wine addiction. Aaliya calls Ruhi to inform her about Rajat’s wine addiction. Ishita tells Raman that she will not take this matter light. Mani and Raman decide to get Rajat punished for his crimes. Ishita wants to trace Rajat and catch him. Raman and Ishita meet Rajat and confront him for his surgical errors.


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