Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar plans a surprise for Sikandar-Kulfi

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar plans a surprise for Sikandar-Kulfi

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar plans a surprise for Sikandar-Kulfi… Sikandar becomes Amyra’s puppet. He gets scared of her when she finds him singing. He quickly sends the lullaby for Kulfi to Tevar and lies to Amyra. Tevar plays Sikandar’s sung lullaby to pacify Kulfi. He keeps an eye on Kulfi and cries seeing her restless for Sikandar. She gets the recorder and cries thinking of Sikandar. She falls asleep. Tevar gets happy that she has finally slept. He stays worried for Kulfi. He goes away and gets emotional that Sikandar is close to Kulfi’s heart. He cries out his pain and questions the Lord about his love falling short to win Kulfi’s heart. He is ready to do anything to make Kulfi accept him as her father. Bebe asks Mohendar not to go against Lovely for Kulfi’s happiness. Mohendar tells her that just a father can love a child. Sikandar tells him that Tevar is valuing Kulfi’s happiness, he came to ask for help just for Kulfi’s sake.

He tells them that Tevar has proved his fatherly love for Kulfi. Kulfi gets happy that Sikandar isn’t angry on her. Tevar gets dresses for her and asks her to wear anything she likes. Kulfi tells him that she was never given a choice before. He asks her to choose her own path. She tells him that she has to choose between Sikandar and him. He understands that she wants to meet Sikandar. He tells her that she will understand all the complications of elders when she grows up. Lovely scolds Mohendar for growing suspicion in Sikandar’s mind. She laughs on his failing efforts. She asks him to remember her threatening. He gets adamant to tell Sikandar that Kulfi is his daughter.

She rages on Mohendar for breaking two families. Tevar gets caring for Kulfi. He learns that she has been doing much work since many years. He feels sorry for her bad childhood. Amyra throws anger on Lovely. Sikandar asks her to mend her ways. He asks her to change her attitude toward life and realize how realize she is.

Kulfi makes sweets. She feeds it to Tevar. He asks her not to work in kitchen again. He thanks her for the gift. She tells him that she has made the sweets for Sikandar. Amyra denies to become Kulfi for Sikandar. Sikandar asks her to forget Kulfi and accept life’s real situation. He asks Amyra to apologize to Lovely.

Tevar decides to get Sikandar as per Kulfi’s wish. She tells him that she wants to give the sweets to Sikandar, so that Tevar and Sikandar become friends. He understands Kulfi’s attachment with Sikandar. Kulfi leaves the decision on him. Tevar calls Sikandar, but Sikandar ignores the call to be with Amyra. He later meets Tevar and gets Kulfi’s surprise, the sweets. Sikandar weeps on finding the sweets filled with love. Tevar tells him that Kulfi wants them to become friends. He gets jealous with Sikandar, since Kulfi loves him more. Sikandar tells Tevar that Kulfi has loved him a lot, like they have some strong bond. Tevar tells him that he isn’t able to connect with Kulfi’s heart, even when he is putting efforts. He asks Sikandar to meet Kulfi, if she can’t visit him at his home.

He permits Sikandar to meet Kulfi. Kulfi misses Sikandar. Sikandar rushes to Kulfi. They get emotional when they meet. Tevar experiences mixed emotions. He gets happy for Kulfi’s happiness, and also sorrowful that he isn’t able to win his daughter’s love. Kulfi thanks them for thinking for her so much and makes them friends. Kulfi unites them.

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