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Tonight On Star Plus… Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Tevar plans a surprise for Sikandar-Kulfi… Sikandar becomes Amyra’s puppet. He gets scared of her when she finds him singing. He quickly sends the lullaby for Kulfi to Tevar and lies to Amyra. Tevar plays Sikandar’s sung lullaby to pacify Kulfi. He keeps an eye on Kulfi and cries seeing her restless for Sikandar. She gets the recorder and cries thinking of Sikandar. She falls asleep. Tevar gets happy that she has finally slept. He stays worried for Kulfi. He goes away and gets emotional that Sikandar is close to Kulfi’s heart. He cries out his pain and questions the Lord about his love falling short to win Kulfi’s heart. He is ready to do anything to make Kulfi accept him as her father. Bebe asks Mohendar not to go against Lovely for Kulfi’s happiness. Mohendar tells her that just a father can love a child. Sikandar tells him that Tevar is valuing Kulfi’s happiness, he came to ask for help just for Kulfi’s sake.

YHM: Shocking Imposition of criminal charges on Ishita… Rajat gets confronted for his negligence. The doctor informs Sudha about the new problem. Sudha calls Rajat to get answers. Rajat worriedly lies to her again. He promises to manage everything himself. He gets fed up of his addiction. He also wants to get rid of his alcohol addiction so that his reputation doesn’t suffer. He makes an exit from the hotel before Ishita comes there. Manager gets bribed and lies to Ishita and Raman. Ishita scolds the manager for his lie. Rajat acts innocent in front of Ishita. She yells at him and asks him to meet her if he wants to know his mistake. Rajat asks her not to visit him at the hospital. He tells her that he will meet her at her house to clear her misunderstanding.

Ishqbaaz: Mohit’s revelation, Nancy’s murder twist and more….. Anika gets upset with Shivay, that he gifted a dress to Nancy. Shivay asks Anika to trust him, he didn’t do anything that hurts her heart. Mohit clears her misunderstanding and tells her that he has got the dress to Nancy and took Shivay’s help to surprise her. He tells Anika that she is wearing the dress Shivay got for her. He tells that Shivay never mentions his good deeds. Anika feels sorry for misunderstanding Shivay. She apologizes to him. He tells her that he will always respect her, even if he doesn’t regard her wife. She asks him to give her some attention, she is hurt that he doesn’t give her time. He tells her that she is the best.

YRKKH: Rajshri to warn KaiRa about Goenkas’ denial.. Rajshri catches Kartik and Naira, and understands that they want to keep the fast. She learns their decision of uniting. They tell Rajshri that they will tell the truth to families. She asks them not to take any action in haste, even if they want to apologize to family. She helps them in hiding their fast from the families. She asks them to be careful of the tough path ahead. She asks Kartik to leave soon. Rajshri helps Naira and tells everyone that Naira can celebrate Teej with the family, even if she doesn’t have a partner. Everyone supports Naira and wants her to be part of celebrations. They don’t want Naira to cry at some corner. Lav and Kush get shagun for Kirti. Naira awaits Kartik. Devyaani asks Naira to have food, but Naira avoids them. Naira feels bad that Kirti is away from the family because of her divorce. Kirti tells Naira that she will do tika to Lav and Kush.


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