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TR’s Reminders.. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to create hurdles in IshRa’s justice claim… Raman and Ishita realize that Rajat has committed a mistake in the surgery, due to which Raman has lost his mobility. Raman can’t live with paralysis. He tells Ishita that if they don’t stop Rajat now, Rajat will go ahead to ruin more lives. Ishita tells him that she will get Rajat punished. Ishita and Raman meet Rajat and confront him for committing such a blunder and not taking its responsibility. Raman tells Rajat that he could have apologized and tried to rectify his mistake. Rajat denies to know anything about surgical error. Raman shames him for being such a big cheater.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Ved wants to go to Vedika. Sahil gets helpless and sends Ved. Bhoomi asks Sahil if he is still in love with Vedika. She has a problem with Vedika and Ved’s bond. She asks Sahil to keep himself and Ved away from Vedika’s life. Bhoomi gives him a reality check.

Roop and Sandy get into a fight. Roop gets this fight challenge and wants to win. The college mates cheer for Roop. Roop fails Sandy by showing great boxing skills. Ishika witnesses the fight. Roop asks Sandy not to throw attitude, being a trustee’s son.


Aarti feels terrible to cheat Muskaan. She reveals that she has left Muskaan at the bus stop and followed Tabassum’s orders so that Muskaan hates her more. Aarti sheds tears, while Tabassum sends her men to get Muskaan home. Tabassum asks Muskaan to forget Aarti, who doesn’t deserve her love. She tries to create a hate relationship between Aarti and Muskaan. Aarti feels lost as a mother as she has shattered Muskaan’s heart. Suzaine goes to tell Aarti that Tabassum is lying to her about Muskaan’s good future and has already sold Muskaan to someone.


Suraj sees Chakor at the hospital. He asks the hospital staff why is anyone not treating Chakor. He shouts on the doctors and tells them that Chakor is his wife, he can’t lose her. Doctor tells him that nobody came with Chakor to sign the consent form, they can’t take chance with the suicide patient. Suraj tells the doctor that this isn’t any suicide case, he is Chakor’s husband, her family, he wants them to treat her right away. He threatens the doctor and forces him to treat Chakor immediately. Suraj can’t believe Chakor’s fatal sight. Suraj tries to save Chakor’s life. Chakor gets saved.

Jiji Maa:

Piyali turns good in evryone’s eyes by returning Rawat mansion to Jayant. She wants Falguni to take her home, so that she can snatch everything from Falguni. Jayant asks Falguni to get Piyali home. Falguni also wants Piyali to get family’s love. Piyali threatens Falguni that she will take away all her happiness and loved ones. She asks Falguni if she will still take her home. Falguni shows her courage and hope in reforming Piyali. Piyali threatens of snatching Niyati as well, who is Falguni’s life. Falguni is sure that her love will end Piyali’s hatred.

Tu Aashiqui:
Aparna and Pankti finally prove Ahaan’s innocence. Rangoli gets so provoked that she admits the truth herself. Rangoli’s truth comes out. She doesn’t regret and threatens to kill Pankti, to get Ahaan. Ahaan feels happy that Pankti has helped Aparna in rescuing him from such filthy blames. Ahaan gets clean in the court, and returns to his proud family. The family welcomes Ahaan back and want to get him married to Pankti soon. Pankti unites with Ahaan. Rangoli warns them that she will return to ruin their happiness.

Shivay gets high after drinking Rudra’s special punch. Omkara and Rudra that Shivay really gets the wings and feel free to admit his feelings to Anika. They encourage Shivay to make a love confession. Shivay tells them that Anika has really made a special place in his heart, but he doesn’t know if this is called love. He really cares for Anika and can’t see her crying. Shivay gets pushed towards Anika. He tries to make a love confession. Anika understands what he is up to and gets excited to hear it from her, but he fails to say it.


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