Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to create hurdles in IshRa’s justice claim

YHM: Bhallas gift an insulting surprise to enemies

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to create hurdles in IshRa’s justice claim… Raman and Ishita realize that Rajat has committed a mistake in the surgery, due to which Raman has lost his mobility. Raman can’t live with paralysis. He tells Ishita that if they don’t stop Rajat now, Rajat will go ahead to ruin more lives. Ishita tells him that she will get Rajat punished. Ishita and Raman meet Rajat and confront him for committing such a blunder and not taking its responsibility. Raman tells Rajat that he could have apologized and tried to rectify his mistake. Rajat denies to know anything about surgical error. Raman shames him for being such a big cheater.

Rajat demands Raman to get any evidence before blaming him. He acts innocent. The lady who has lost her husband to Rajat’s fault, gets the post mortem reports to prove it.

The lady tells Rajat that she didn’t send her husband’s body for final rites, since she was very much sure of Rajat’s fault. Rajat gets panicking when Ishita threatens to defame him and get him arrested. She tells Rajat that he will lose his medical license as well. She wants to get Rajat punished for playing with patients’ lives. There will be a new entry of Sudha, Rajat’s relative, who will complicate things for Ishita and Raman.

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