Big twists lined in Colors’ Udaan and Tu Aashiqui


Chakor gets saved after the successful treatment. She meets Suraj and tells him how Imli has manipulated them about Saanvi’s death. Suraj can’t believe that Imli is so evil. Chakor asks him to give her one chance just for the sake of Saanvi. She wants Imli to accept all her crimes. Imli gets convinced that Chakor is dead and rejoices. Imli and Gumaan throw a grand party in the haveli to celebrate Chakor’s death. Chakor gets an entry in the haveli with Suraj’s help. She takes a dancer’s disguise and revolts back. Chakor shocks Imli and Gumaan with her survival. They wonder if Chakor is alive or is she a spirit who came back for revenge. Chakor aims to get Saanvi’s details from Imli.

Internet Wala Love:
Samrat will be revealing his true intentions. Samrat gets Jai arrested for Aadhya’s morphed picture. Jai wants Aadhya to trust him once. Jai gets angry on Samrat for framing him this way and getting him a tag of a criminal. Roopa gets Jai bailed out. Aadhya feels sorry to doubt on Jai and bears Roopa’s anger. Aadhya gets a support from Jai, when Roopa tries to hurt her. Jai doesn’t want Aadhya to fall in trouble because of him again. Jai protects Aadhya.

Tu Aashiqui:
Aparna keeps a peace puja at home since Ahaan is announced innocent. Ahaan got away from all the problems because of Pankti’s love and belief. Pankti and Ahaan celebrate their togetherness. Rangoli shocks Pankti by sending her a video of Ahaan and Rangoli’s closeness. Pankti doesn’t want the video to get leaked in the media, since this can defame Ahaan once again. Pankti meets Rangoli to ask what does she want now. Rangoli gets blackmailing Pankti and asks her to get away from Ahaan. Rangoli wants Ahaan back. Rangoli asks Pankti to create hatred in Ahaan’s heart for her, so that Ahaan agrees to marry Rangoli. Pankti gets helpless once again.

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