TR’s Quick Reads: Kumkum Bhagya and more…

Reads Shakti Roop and more

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya fears to lose Kiara to Abhi. Tanu has also learnt the truth that Kiara is Abhi and Pragya’s daughter. She gets insecure and questions Abhi about Pragya. She suspects Abhi and Pragya to be romancing. On the other hand, Disha tries to bring Abhi and Pragya together. Disha teaches a lesson to Tanu and also wants to open Pragya’s eyes regarding her future. She asks Pragya about accepting Abhi again. Pragya responds to her and tells her about King, who has very affectionate and sincere. She praises King for being so generous and caring. She tells Disha that she also respects King and cares for him. Disha asks her if she loves King too. Pragya remains silent as she has just loved Abhi. Disha asks Pragya to understand and not lose her real happiness, which lies in Abhi.

Zoya will finally give her nod to Aditya’s marriage proposal. Aditya will plan Zoya’s wedding and succeed to make her confess her love feelings. Wasim gets a huge shock with Zoya’s decision. Zoya breaks her marriage with Arshad, and clears her confusion about Aditya. Zoya and Aditya will be getting married in the coming track.

Muskaan faces much hatred from Aarti and doesn’t realize that Tabassum is behind the conspiracy. Muskaan falls in misunderstanding and starts feeling that Aarti is not her biological mother. Tabassum tells her that Aarti has adopted her and hence doesn’t want to face troubles because of her. She makes Muskaan against Aarti. Muskaan still goes after Aarti with a hope to get her love. Aarti gives attention to Sapna and insults Muskaan. Muskaan gets upset and slips down the stairs. She thinks now Aarti’s heart will melt, but Aarti acts stern.

Mohit and Nancy make sure that they corner Shivay after the masquerade party. Nancy gets spotted with Shivay. Tej witnesses their conversation. Shivay tries to reach Anika and express his feelings. To his shock, he loses out to his enemy’s plan and finds himself struck with a big tragedy. Shivay wakes up and finds Nancy lying next to him, murdered!! Shivay gets framed in Nancy’s murder case. Anika gears up for the biggest of love and belief.

Silsila: Mauli to slap Kunal for his shameful affair… Mauli finally comes to terms with the truth. She gets a reality check of her breaking marriage. She witnesses Kunal and Nandini’s romance and gets a huge shock. Mauli’s world shatters. Mauli can’t believe that she has lost her husband to her best friend. She can’t believe if she is seeing the truth or is it any illusion. Mauli and Kunal’s relation shatters. Mauli breaks down seeing Kunal’s affair with Nandini. She has been answering everyone till now and defending Kunal. She isn’t able to accept this fact. She gets too hurt. Kunal and Nandini has been running an affair secretly, but their truth surfaces.

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh confesses love to Preeta, but she just regards him as a good friend. She respects Rishabh, who is a gem at heart. Preeta wants to clear Rishabh and Karan’s name from the false accusations. She threatens Monisha in anger. She doesn’t want Monisha to play with Luthra family members. Ganesh Chaturthi Special will bring high drama. Karan and Preeta celebrate the festival with their friends and families, Preeta falls in danger. She gets kidnapped. She reaches Karan to seek help. Karan rushes to help Preeta. He fights with the goons to save her. Karan gets attacked.

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