Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to put her new conditions

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zeenat to begin manipulative games"/>

Kabeer and Zara make memories in their remarriage. All the functions happen again, but this time they are marrying by their will. They are very happy. Kabeer teases Zara. He writes his name in her mehendi, and surprises her. Zara winks to Kabeer. They exchange romantic gestures. They get happy. During Kabeer and Zara’s pre-marriage functions, he receives a call from Ruksar. Ruksar informs him about her bad marriage and asks him to save her life. She pleads to Kabeer for help. Kabeer can’t believe that Ruksar is in such a big mess. He reveals the shocking news to Zeenat, who gets angry and blames Zara for Ruksar’s problems. Zeenat cries for her sister.

She tells Kabeer and Zara that Ruksar has got married for their sake, they have compelled Ruksar to go to that hell. She holds them responsible and tells them that she will not forgive them if anything happens to Ruksar. Kabeer promises Zeenat that he will visit Ruksar and try to find some solution of her problem. Zeenat insults Zara. This angers Kabeer a lot. Kabeer says we don’t know what happened with Ruksar, you are calling us responsible for this, we will go there and save Ruksar from the troubles. He argues with Zeenat over dragging Zara in the matter. Zeenat puts the conditions and asks Kabeer to save Ruksar, before he proceeds with his marriage with Zara.


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