Krishna’s London Dreams to take a backseat

Krishna's London Dreams to take a backseat

Krishna’s London Dreams to take a backseat… Krishna and Radhe try to convince Gajanan to accompany them to Mumbai. They want Lali and Gajanan to celebrate their anniversary. Gajanan gets tricked by them. Radhe tells him that they have planned the Mumbai trip and lied to Shukla. Gajanan gets angry and returns the tickets. Lali asks Krishna not to compel Gajanan. Krishna asks Gajanan to think of Lali’s wishes some times. She reminds him the duties of a husband. She asks Lali not to be scared of Gajanan. She tells Gajanan that Lali loves him a lot and has been tolerating everything silently just with a hope that he will change some day. She reveals how Lali took the police complaint back and felt his pain. She wants Gajanan to realize his mistakes and rectify. Lali asks Krishna not to say anything further. Krishna speaks boldly like always. She wants to see Lali happy. She tells him that only he can give happiness to Lali.

Gajanan gets convinced. He tells them that he will come along to Mumbai. Shukla tells his wife that he is visiting Bela’s house to get a new daughter-in-law. He conspires to oust Krishna. Prashant tries to reach Krishna, but isn’t allowed by security. He begs for a phone and calls Krishna to tell her Radhe’s truth. Radhe gets the phone and learns Prashant’s move to reveal truth to Krishna. Radhe gets threatening Prashant. He knows Krishna’s dreams to go London and become a doctor, but his love gets selfish, he doesn’t want Krishna to go away from him. Radhe informs Saajan that Prashant has run away. He tells Saajan that Prashant has come to the airport and is calling Krishna. Saajan gets worried. He asks Radhe to take Krishna to Mumbai and keep her phone as well.

Radhe fears that Krishna can know the truth. Saajan is sure that Krishna will forgive Radhe when she learns the truth later. Shukla and Bela travel to Bela’s house to fix Radhe’s alliance with Bela’s sister. Shukla tells them that he has got Radhe’s alliance for their daughter. Bela also gets a shock knowing Shukla’s plans. Prashant follows Krishna to tell her the truth. Shukla plans to get Radhe remarried. Bela asks him how can this happen. Shukla reveals his plan to get Radhe and Krishna divorced. He convinces Bela to help him in ousting Krishna from their lives.


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