New twist in Ishqbaaz: Shivay escapes to avoid his arrest

New twist in Ishqbaaz: Shivay escapes to avoid his arrest

New twist in Ishqbaaz: Shivay escapes to avoid his arrest… Anika gets worried for Shivay, who loses himself somewhere by the bad accusations by Mohit. He fails to prove his truth to Mohit. Anika lends him support. Shivay asks her not to bear tortures because of him. He doesn’t want her to face any defamation because of the murder blame on him. He asks her to go away with Gauri to some other city and start a new life afresh. He doesn’t want Anika’s life to fall in trouble. He tells her that he didn’t regard her a wife, she shouldn’t be bounded to fulfill a wife’s duty. She refuses to leave him. She tells him that they are husband and wife, and she has been regarding him a husband since their marriage day. She wants to fulfill the vows towards him. She tells him that he won’t be punished as she has faith in him. She knows he is innocent, he can’t kill any person. He tells her that even he doesn’t trust himself after Nancy’s murder.

He knows his family is facing troubles because of him. He regrets for everything. She tells him that she will never leave him and prove his innocence. They share a moment. Shivay gets support from Omkara and Rudra as well. They try to brainstorm and find out who is Nancy’s real murderer. They realize that the culprit was present in the party. Anika tells them that even she doesn’t remember the after party occurrences. Omkara and Rudra also realize that their drinks were spiked. Rudra tells them that he didn’t add anything in his special punch. Anika tells them that they should check the CCTV footage so that they can find the right culprit.

Shivay gets an idea to get the external sources footage, since the CCTV system of Oberoi mansion isn’t working. He reaches some building and makes a request to get access to the CCTV footage, by which he can know the real culprit. He knows that the building’s CCTV footage is covering Oberoi mansion by one of its camera angles.

Bhavya gets the forensic reports. She can’t believe the results. She informs the commissioner that results are against Shivay, and maybe the family will put pressure on them to conceal the results. Commissioner asks her to go ahead and do her duty. Shivay raises a fire alarm and vacates the office, so that he can get access to the security systems. Shivay tries to get the footage of Oberoi mansion. The officer realizes the false alarm and rushes to check the security systems. Shivay makes a leave from there. He wants to know if he could find the truth by the footage.

Bhavya goes to Oberoi mansion to reveal the results of the forensic tests. Shivay gets the footage home and tells his family about it. They together check the footage in an attempt to find Nancy’s murderer. They receive a shock when they find someone suspicious. They realize that Shivay and Nancy had an argument that night. They get tricked by the video, where Mohit attacks the woman. They start believing that Shivay has done the crime. Anika tells Shivay that nothing is seen clearly, his face isn’t seen in the footage, maybe someone else has worn similar clothes. Shivay loses belief in himself. He tells them that police will get evidence against him if this video reaches Bhavya.

Bhavya meets them and tells them that Shivay’s fingerprints have matched with the murder weapon. Shivay shatters. Mohit asks her to arrest Shivay. Bhavya and Rudra get into an argument. She shows the warrant issued against Shivay. Omkara asks Tej to help Shivay. Tej doesn’t find some way and summons Shivay. He asks them to cooperate with police. Omkara doesn’t want Shivay to suffer for someone else’s crime. Mohit wants Shivay arrested at any cost. Shivay manages to escape from police, in order to prove his innocence.

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