Silsila: Mauli and Nandini’s big confrontation

Silsila: Nandini gets hurt by Mauli's aggression

In Silsila,Mauli can’t get over Kunal’s cheat. She recollects Kunal and her beautiful bond. Mauli sees their pictures of happy times and sheds tears. She has trusted Kunal the most. She gets much pain. She feels Kunal never deserved her and their relation. Mauli decides to not forgive Kunal and Nandini. Kunal gets shelter at Nandini’s house. Nandini does the aid to his wounds and cares for him. Nandini knows he is sorrowful about cheating Mauli. She feels helpless. She doesn’t know how to make things fine. Kunal and Nandini become each other’s support. They bond gets more stronger by sharing sorrow. Mauli’s mother reacts on Kunal and Nandini’s relationship. She scolds Mauli for bringing Nandini home. She reminds Mauli how she has always warned Mauli against believing Nandini so much.

She asks Mauli is she a doctor or a blind believer, how can she treat people’s illnesses when she is so negligent about her own life’s problems. She tells Yamini that Kunal can’t be blamed for the affair alone, Mauli was running around for fulfilling Kunal’s dreams and neglected Kunal’s needs by not giving him much time.

Mauli’s mum advises her to apologize to Kunal for not giving him time and understand his needs. She holds Mauli responsible for Kunal’s mistake. Mauli didn’t expect her mum to blast anger on her for Kunal’s cheat. Yamini supports Mauli. Mauli acts strong, but breaks within.

Mauli visits a temple. Nandini meets Mauli at the temple and asks her to talk once. Mauli avoids her and wants to get away soon. Nandini stops Mauli and apologizes to her. Mauli vents out her anger on Nandini. She scolds Nandini for backstabbing her trust and taking advantage of their goodness. She calls Nandini selfish to just think of anyone and having an illegitimate affair with Kunal. She speaks out how she regarded Nandini as her own sister and went an extra mile for her. She asks Nandini didn’t she think of her even once before making a relation with Kunal. Mauli is heartbroken. Nandini tells her that she regrets for breaking Mauli’s family. Mauli bursts her anger and tells Nandini that the affair can’t be justified any way. Mauli blames Nandini for ruining her family, happiness and dreams.

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