Udaan: Imli to get arrested; SuKor to plan Saanvi’s homecoming

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: Imli to get arrested; SuKor to plan Saanvi’s homecoming… Imli had kidnapped her parents and Anjor’s parents. Imli tells Chakor how she has made Saanvi her bandhua Anjor, and kept her away from her real parents Suraj and Chakor. She says I wanted you all to cry, I have mocked Saanvi’s death and gave her a new identity of Anjor, I have handed over Anjor to Keshu and Sugna, I have asked them to torture Anjor so that Anjor’s hates her life. She tells that Keshu has tortured Anjor a lot, and whenever I got this news, I got much peace knowing her pain. She boasts of her crimes to Chakor. She tells Chakor that she has given away Anjor to a poor couple and succeeded to separate Chakor and Suraj. Chakor breaks down knowing how Saanvi suffered in her life because of Imli.

Imli expresses her hatred. She asks Chakor to cry more, so that she gets more peace. She threatens of killing Chakor. She promises to make Anjor’s life hell. She says I will make Anjor suffer like you suffered in your childhood.

Imli will be getting defeated. She has been lying to Suraj and Chakor, and taking her revenge. Imli’s truth comes out. Chakor proves Imli’s crimes to Suraj, when Imli herself admits all her crimes to mock Saanvi’s death and making her a bandhua. Imli attempts to shoot down Chakor. Suraj stops Imli and takes the gun from her. He gives her a tight slap and stops her goons from hurting Chakor. Chakor gets angry on Imli. She says this game has always belonged to me and I will end this, this slap will make you realize that you can never win over me, since you are evil. She asks Imli to accept her defeat. She says I knew you will play some trick to kill me, but I asked him to follow me so that he can reach truth, you tried to trap me, but you got trapped. Chakor reveals her plan, and how Suraj supported her.

Chakor and Suraj want to punish Imli for her crimes. Suraj calls the police to get Imli arrested. Suraj asks inspector not to let any help reach Imli. Inspector assures Suraj that Imli will get punished. Chakor saves Anjor’s parents and her parents from captivity. Imli gets arrested. Suraj and Chakor rejoice on knowing that Saanvi is alive and Anjor is their daughter. Suraj and Chakor unite again. They plan Saanvi’s homecoming. They will be having a grand celebration of welcoming Saanvi in their lives.

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