Imli frames Chakor in Udaan; Dr. Kabir returns in Savitri Devi

Imli frames Chakor in Udaan; Dr. Kabir returns in Savitri Devi

Chakor tries to trap Imli by proposing a property deal. Imli goes a step ahead and makes false papers to expose Chakor. She frames Chakor. She tells Suraj that Chakor wants to ruin them by using Saanvi, she is interested in his property and is keen to take revenge on them. Chakor tells Suraj that Imli has agreed to tell her about Saanvi in exchange of the property. She reveals the entire truth about Imli’s crimes. Imli denies everything and acts innocent. She takes help from Gumaan to kick out Chakor from the haveli. Chakor gets a big shock when she finds the property papers prepared on her name. Imli tells Suraj that Chakor wants to turn them homeless by snatching everything from them. Suraj gets into a dilemma. Chakor begs him for one last chance to find Saanvi.

Savitri Devi:
Veer and Sanchi get a shocking surprise, when Kabir and Riya get married. The family keeps a wedding reception. Veer feels upset. He welcomes the guests. He wishes happiness stays in the family. Anand, Gayatri and Savitri stay positive and wish Riya good for her married life. Kabir and Riya look a happy in love couple.

Anand accepts Kabir as his son in law, and hugs him. There happens a shocking entry in the party. Naintara takes the dancer’s disguise and performs in the party. She reveals her truth to Anand, who gets big time shocked seeing her back. Sanchi arrives late in the party. She gets worried on seeing Naintara and alerts Veer.

Sanchi and Veer try to keep an eye on Naintara and stop her evil motives. They don’t want Naintara to create any drama in the party. Naintara wants her revenge on enemies and succeed. Naintara targets Anand. She switches off the lights. Anand gets worried. Sanchi tries to find Naintara and cage her by saint’s help. Naintara begins her game. Anand gets panicking. Veer tells Anand that he is with them, they will find some way to control Naintara. The lights get on. Naintara scares Anand. She wants to ruin Malhotra family. The saint guides Sanchi for tackling Naintara. Sanchi wants to save the family from Naintara’s evil.

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  1. these sdch makers should throw themselves in hell.wt was d need of gettng that riya married to kabir kabir is perfect wd sanchi only crap stroyline


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