Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar gets clued about Lovely and Tevar’s past

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Panicking moment for Tevar

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar gets clued about Lovely and Tevar’s past… Tevar finds Kulfi very pure-hearted. She makes prayers for Gunjan. Tevar asks Kulfi to make her happy by winning the competition. He tells her that he will teach her English and make her confident like Amyra. She promises to try her best. Sikandar tells Mohendar that he didn’t wish to make Kulfi away from himself, and now he is sure that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s father. Mohendar asks him to gather evidences before getting Kulfi home. Sikandar asks him to show him some way. Mohendar asks Sikandar to find Tevar’s girlfriend. Sikandar tells him what Tevar told him before. He finds a way to search about Tevar’s girlfriend. He gets Tevar’s music CD. He wants to know who is Tevar’s girlfriend. He plays the song and tries to get clues. Tevar makes her practice and trains her for competition.

Tevar gets emotional finding her smile turning true. He waits for the time when she calls him dad. He is happy with her presence. Sikandar decodes Tevar’s song. He tells Lovely that he is finding a big mystery about Tevar’s girlfriend. She asks him to focus on Amyra. She scolds him for running after Kulfi again and breaking Amyra’s heart. Sikandar apologizes to her. He thanks her for reminding his duties. Mohendar tells Lovely that Sikandar will find the truth. She asks him not to give her headaches and let her handle. Tevar encourages Kulfi to win the game. Kulfi and Amyra compete in the game. Amyra wins the game by cheating. Kulfi falls down and gets Sikandar and Tevar at her side. Kulfi congratulates Amyra for her win. She tells Sikandar that she isn’t hurt.

Sikandar hugs Kulfi and turns emotional. He wants her to reach her real family, unaware that she is his daughter. Her innocence always touches his heart. Kulfi regrets on Gunjan’s state and cries. She asks Gunjan to get fine soon. Amyra insults Kulfi. Tevar gets angry. Kulfi answers Amyra and handles the matter. Amyra calls her foolish. Tevar asks Amyra to be scared of Lord, who is watching them all the time. He advises Amyra not to trouble Kulfi. He takes the matter in his hand and gets Amyra’s friends on his side. Amyra also joins them. Tevar doesn’t want the children to fight. He asks Sikandar to teach some manners to Amyra. Sikandar asks Tevar not to let Kulfi affected by their fight.

Tevar also wants to protect his daughter from sorrows. He asks Sikandar to get proof and then claim big things. Kulfi tells Tevar that she wants to study. Tevar sings a song and teaches English alphabets to Kulfi. Sikandar and Amyra go to the restaurant to find about Tevar’s past. Sikandar meets people there and enquires about Tevar’s love story, his girlfriend and background. Kulfi sings song with Tevar and cries thinking about Nimrat. Tevar asks her not to cry. Sikandar shows Tevar’s photo and learns that his girlfriend’s nickname was Love. Lovely gets a huge shock knowing Sikandar has reached the restaurant where Tevar and she used to meet years ago. She fears that Sikandar can know her past while searching for Tevar’s past. Kulfi gets happy to learn English and wants to share her achievement with Sikandar. The man gives a lead to Sikandar about Tevar. Sikandar wants to track Tevar’s girlfriend to find truth about Kulfi.

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