Drama reaches its peak in Star’s Ishqbaaz, YRKKH and more…

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Kartik sheds tears on seeing Naira’s indifference. He demands an answer from Naira. He asks her why is she silent, for what is she waiting, how could she act so casual like nothing happened, they were sure of their decision and wanted to marry, they have decided to tell families after marriage. Singhanias get a shock on hearing this. Naira tells Kartik that she didn’t come as she felt this is wrong. Kartik’s dreams shatter. Naira apologizes to her family and tells them that this mistake won’t happen again.

Kartik tells her that he is sorry for everything, he will die without her. Naira tells him that she has taken this decision for the betterment of families. Kartik asks how can you decide everything alone. He tells her that he kept waiting for her at the temple, but she didn’t turn up. Naksh stops Kartik when the latter gets too angered. Naksh asks Kartik to just leave. Kirti cries on seeing her brother’s next stupidity. Kartik sinks in sorrow. Naira hides a big secret from Kartik. YRKKH will be getting a new twist related to Naira’s illness, due to which she rejects Kartik’s marriage proposal.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe spend some moments of romance. She dances in the rain, and Radhe happily watches her. Krishna collides with a guy, who is a drug peddler. The drug packet goes in Krishna’s purse. Krishna falls in problem because of the drugs. She gets scared when she finds the same man at her hotel room. The scary man tries to get the drugs from Krishna. Radhe protects Krishna and proves his love once again.

Bhavya looks for Shivay to arrest him and take him to the police station for interrogation. Shivay gets worried and loses faith in himself. Anika asks Shivay not to give up so soon. Shivay runs away from the house, when he finds all the evidences against him. Anika can’t believe that Shivay has killed Nancy. Shivay and Mohit’s friendship turns into enmity, when Shivay learns that Mohit has framed him in the murder case. Shivay can’t believe that Mohit has tricked him with his friendly ways and back stabbed his trust. Shivay doesn’t lose and wants to expose Mohit. Bhavya informs the family that she will take strict action against Shivay. She says Shivay has run away and this proves that he is guilty. Police chases Shivay.

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