Jija Ji Chath Par Hai: Pancham to prove his good luck

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai: Murari to shoot down Pancham

Ilaychi believed Pancham as his lucky charm all the time. When Pancham gets the unlucky tag, everyone makes him away. Pancham tells Pintu how everyone is calling him unlucky. Pancham doesn’t want to bring bad luck for anyone. Murari holds Pancham responsible for all the problems coming in his family. Pintu gets a solution from tantric baba. He asks Pancham to wear the lemon chilli garland, so that his bad luck gets away. Pancham tells Pintu that its his good luck that he got a house, job and wife. Pintu says you have made me your fake wife, is this my bad luck.

Pancham asks him to realize that they could have seen worse days if they didn’t find any shelter. Pintu tells his sufferings. He says I have made this garland so that you can succeed in the bad luck test. Pancham refuses to wear the garland. Pintu prays for him and doesn’t want to leave the house for any reason. Pintu likes Sunita and doesn’t want to get away from her. Pancham goes for the test. Murari asks him to prove if he is lucky or unlucky. Pancham tells Murari that he is surely lucky and will get everyone’s approval as well.


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